When Should You Look Into Teen Counseling?

Teen counseling can be helpful for troubled teenagers. It is very important for parents to first recognize the changes they can observe in their teen’s behavior. While a child’s teenage years can be a time of major change for both the teen and the parent, not all the changes can be healthy. In this article, we will discuss a few methods for detecting unhealthy changes in your teen and if they may require teen counseling.

If your child is intentionally or unintentionally engaging in inappropriate and inexcusable behavior such as lying, stealing and destruction of property, this is a big ‘red flag’ for future troubles down the road in the near future. Intentionally, this teen may be distancing themselves from their parent’s observation, guidance, and advice. There may even be a much more serious mental health issue at hand. Sudden radical behavioral changes may indicate the need for professional intervention. Watch any sudden change in behavior closely. Open hostility towards siblings or parents especially if this has begun ‘suddenly,’ it is a bad sign. This can indicate anything from drug use, gang affiliation, to ‘fear’ about some impending situation, or a situation that is currently happening. This might soon escalate into fights at school or in the community. There may be an underlying issue that of which the parent may have no direct knowledge. The observation of sudden behavioral change is the best tool to identify warning signs about the need for professional teenage counseling.

As with any family situation, approach your teen in a loving manner, with ultimate care and concern, but remain yourself. Perhaps, there is a simple explanation, which your teen is willing to discuss with you. During your conversation with them, remember that this is not a time for lecturing; rather this is a time for gaining insight as to the real reason behind the rebellion. The type of rebellion should provide you with a clue as to what they are rebelling against but that it does not explain the why. This situation may be solvable within the family, before looking into the possibility of teenage counseling.

Another indicator that teenage counseling might be helpful to your child is identifying signs of being depressed. During adolescence, your child will travel through a series of deep emotions, including angst. These deep committed emotions are within the normal range. Some teenagers, however, are prone to depression, so be sensitive to the signs. If you feel like you are incapable of resolving their problems, then be sure to consider teen therapy services. Thoughts of suicide may be present with these serious symptoms. Do not hesitate to contact a professional for help. Call 911 if your child acts out on these thoughts by hurting itself.

Teenage counseling can range from a school counselor to have process difficulties with academics or social interactions, to teenage counseling with the masters or doctorate level professional. Also, consider family counseling or therapy to re-establish a peaceful home atmosphere.