SwitchRTC Launches Technology Circle Partner Program

SwitchRTC Technology Circle

WebRTC.ventures, Quobis, Liberin Technologies, Oxagile and Blacc Spot Media join the SwitchRTC Technology Circle partner program

SwitchRTC Technology Circle

Hod HaSharon, Israel, May 8, 2017 – SwitchRTC, the WebRTC based cloud native Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) for large scale real-time WebRTC video broadcasting and multiparty, announced today that it has launched a technology partnership program, SwitchRTC Technology Circle.

Companies enrolling to the SwitchRTC Technology Circle program are, WebRTC and Web custom development companies that have experience in developing front-end and back-end WebRTC applications as well as systems integrators.

By joining the SwitchRTC Technology Circle partner program, partners receive access to the SwitchRTC solution and SwitchRTC support services.

As part of the accreditation process, partners learn how to install SwitchRTC, use its APIs and build various WebRTC applications using SwitchRTC.

The benefits of the SwitchRTC Technology Circle partner program include: The opportunity to be referred to by SwitchRTC for providing custom development services to SwitchRTC customers; The option to use SwitchRTC for partner’s customer projects in preferred business terms; Presenting partner’s logo on the SwitchRTC website; Mentioning participation in the program on partner’s website and marketing material.

The following companies have already joined the SwitchRTC Technology Circle partner program: WebRTC.ventures, Quobis, Liberin Technologies, Oxagile and Blacc Spot Media.

“We welcome our partners to the SwitchRTC Technology Circle,” said SwitchRTC CEO & Co-founder Amir Zmora. “Having well-known WebRTC technology partners with expertise in WebRTC, web and VoIP technologies gives our customers the flexibility to choose the best development partner for their application needs. We invite more companies to enroll to the SwitchRTC Technology Circle partner program”


“We are delighted to be part of this program with SwitchRTC.  We have been using the SwitchRTC API and we are very excited to integrate this into our customers’ applications,” said Arin Sime, CEO and co-founder of development firm WebRTC.ventures. “We see great potential for this in the online education industry, as well as our clients in telehealth, broadcasting and enterprise communications.  This will be especially important for our clients who prefer to build around an on-premise solution and want the scalability of an SFU solution.”


“The Quobis SIPPO WebRTC Application Controller is powering leading service providers’ VAS offerings,” said Quobis CMO Iago Soto . “Working with a commercial grade scalable SFU as SwitchRTC with dedicated support gives us the comfort to offer our service provider customers mission critical WebRTC collaboration and broadcasting solutions.”

Liberin Technologies

Liberin Technologies is a custom development and systems integration company offering turnkey solutions to large local companies and institutions in India,” Said Liberin Technologies  Founder and CEO, Prateek Ranjan Sengupta. “SwitchRTC proves to be well architected for scale and works well in extreme network conditions, two advantages that are imperative for supporting our customers’ needs.”


Oxagile has being delivering high load solutions with complex business logic and challenging performance requirements for years. Be it a live streaming video platform or a top-notch RTC solution, broadcasting scalability always matters” – said Sergey Marchuk, co-founder & CTO at Oxagile. “SwitchRTC has an optimal architecture for building scalable and distributed services. We look forward to building new applications for SwitchRTCs’ and our customers.”

Blacc Spot Media

Blacc Spot Media focuses on WebRTC development across web, mobile, native desktop and telephony implementations,” said Blacc Spot Media Founder & CEO Lantre Barr. “We got SwitchRTC up and running and started using its APIs in a matter of hours. SwitchRTC managed to achieve the combination of being easy to use while also offering advanced developers the flexibility they need.”

Visit the SwitchRTC Technology Circle web page to enroll your company to the program.


About SwitchRTC

SwitchRTC is a solution for real-time distribution of video to a large audience.

SwitchRTC servers both video CDN (WebRTC CDN) as well as large scale multiparty video for enterprise and consumer services.

Built based on and for WebRTC, SwitchRTC was designed as a Cloud Native solution in a decomposed architecture with a 1-to-n relationship between the signaling and media servers, allowing for dynamic scaling and geographical load distribution as servers may run in different physical locations.

The SwitchRTC geographically distributed SFU cluster was designed to power large scale real-time video broadcasting services.

For questions contact: info@switchrtc.com