Sleep Masks specifically designed for women in bright floral colors are selling on

These eye masks designed and manufactured by Drift to Sleep come in the following colors. Emerald Forest Green, Midnight Rose Red and all Black. Each mask comes with 2 pairs of Moldex soft foam ear plugs in a handy case for hygienic storage of the earplugs. This lightweight, breathable sleeping mask is ideal for travel, yoga or napping just about anywhere. It is made out of quick drying, long lasting material. Soft, comfortable adjustable straps ensure a custom fit. The slim buckle closure does not snag hair. The blindfold blocks light 100% and does not interfere with REM sleep. REM sleep is essential to mental health and a good night’s rest.

The Drift to Sleep eye mask will help a person who has a partner or roommate who watches TV, plays video games or reads late at night.Very effective in blocking ambient light or street lights.The contoured eye pockets allow a person to wake up with their make-up intact. Greatly assists people in combating insomnia.
The soft foam ear plugs that adjust to most size ear canals, blocks out sounds caused by a partner who snores or works on a laptop in bed.
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