Restoring Your Previous Version of Windows with MiniTool ShadowMaker

How long restoring your previous version of Windows in Windows 10? You might have been stuck at ‘Restoring your previous version of windows’ loop. This article shows you how to fix this issues in Windows 10 with the latest MiniTool ShadowMaker 2.0.

Restoring your Previous Version of Windows‘ is one of the common Windows errors users face when they are updating Windows operating system to Windows 10. In the year 2015, many users faced this restoring their previous version of Windows problem when Windows 10 update is released. Microsoft forums and other communities are flooded with the questions asking how long they should wait on restoring the previous version of Windows black screen.  Even Microsoft didn’t have any proper solution for the issue at that time and they recommended to reinstall the Windows 10 using ISO file if they face this fatal Restoring their Previous Version of Windows error.

How to Fix Restoring Your Previous Version of Windows

From the above description of Windows stuck at restoring the previous version issue, you should know waiting is not useful and finding the solutions is important. By searching this topic on the internet, we have found four useful ways. And here, we will display them one by one.

solution 1 Solution 1: Restore Computer to Earlier Date by System Image Backup

To restore computer to an earlier point of time can be a primary option to help you go back to the normal state in case of restoring previous version of Windows 10 loop. How to achieve this aim? In order to restore your operating system to the previous state, there must be a precondition – a system image backup has been created beforehand.

make Make a System Image Backup

Usually, in Windows 10/8/7 or other operating systems, there is a built-in tool to make a system image backup and restore. But most of you think it is complicated, time-consuming and easily failed for system backup and restore. Fortunately, MiniTool ShadowMaker 2.0 can be helpful. This professional backup and restore software for Windows 10/8/7 is developed by MiniTool Team. With its powerful features, you can back up files, partition or disk. In the event of system failure of other accidents, this tool provides you with the best system recovery solution. Just get MiniTool ShadowMaker 2.0 Trial Edition to have a free trial for 30 days or use its Professional Edition directly.

Don’t know how to create a system image backup before system accidents happen? Follow the guidance as shown below:

Step 1: Launch MiniTool ShadowMaker 2.0 to the interface where you can choose local backup or remote backup.

Step 2: Then in “Backup” page, you see the system related partitions are checked by default. Then select an external hard drive as the destination disk to save the backup image. Next click “Back up Now” button. After a few minutes, the system image will be created.

MiniTool ShadowMaker backs up system partitions

For more information about system backup, please refer to this post How Can You Create a Windows 10 Image Backup.

make Make a System Recovery

Now if your computer is stuck at restoring your previous version of Windows black screen and you also have made a system backup before the issue occurs, it is time to restore your Windows 10 to the normal state. MiniTool ShadowMaker 2.0 only lets you enter WinPE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) to restore the image to the original system location.

How to go into WinPE? Fortunately, MiniTool ShadowMaker 2.0 offers you “Bootable Media” feature in “Tools” tab. Just click this feature to create a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive, and then boot your computer to WinPE from the bootable disc.

create a bootable media

Then in WinPE, MiniTool ShadowMaker will run automatically. Then the system backup task you have made in advance will be displayed in the “Restore” interface. Now, start to restore computer to earlier date in Windows 10 from the backup image.

Step 1: The system backup task is listed as shown in the following. Click “Restore” feature to continue.

restore system image with MiniTool ShadowMaker

Step 2: Then you need to select the backup version which you want to restore your PC to. Then click “Next” button to fix restoring previous version of Windows 10 loop issue.

choose backup version for the system image recovery

Step 3: Then from the following screenshot, you can see all partitions that are included in the backup version. Just select the volumes to restore from the selected backup file and click “Next“.

select volumes to restore from backup file

Step 4: Then all hard drives in your computer will be displayed here. Please select the system disk to restore system image backup to.

Note: Here MiniTool ShadowMaker doesn’t allow you to restore the image to the disk where you have saved backup files.

select a disk to restore system image to

After selecting the target disk, you will receive a warning showing you “data in the following partitions on the target disk will be overwritten while restoring an image…

Some of you may say that you haven’t made a system backup before Windows 10 restoring loop issue appears. In this case, what should you do to fix the operating system issue? To be specific, you can restore your computer to its correct state by resetting PC. Other ways that can help you solve the problem including perform a system repair or system restore, make a Windows 10 clean Installation, etc.