Recover Data When Your PC Won’t Boot – MiniTool

If your PC won’t start, and you’ve exhausted the troubleshooting advice elsewhere, you may find yourself in a quandary. If the computer isn’t booting anymore, you can’t get any work done.


Unless your hard drive has physically failed, the data is still on it, waiting to be rescued. We will show you how to effectively recover data when PC won’t boot.

How to Recover Data When PC Won’t Boot

In general, if you have backup files, you can easily and quickly get lost files back when Windows won’t boot or boot device is not found. If there is no backup file? In this case, you can try using a professional data recovery software to recover files when Windows won’t boot.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a green, professional and read-only data recovery software developed by famous software development company based in Canada, is recommended here. By using this all-in-one yet read-only tool, you can effectively recover lost data after boot disk failure without affecting the original data.

Step 1: Make Power Data Recovery Bootable Disk by Using Bootable Media Builder

  • Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery Bootable Edition, and install it on a normal computer. After that, connect your CD/DVD Disc or USB flash drive to computer.
  • Run Bootable Media Builder to get the following window.

build boot flash drive

  • Here, for instance, if you want to create Power Data Recovery bootable flash drive, you can choose Build Boot Flash Drive, and select the suitable flash drive from Flash drive list, and then click Next Button. Note: please back up all important data on the USB drive in advance, because all its data will be deleted.
  • Click Yes when you see the warning: “The selected flash drive will be formatted. All your data on this drive will be destroyed. Are you sure you want to continue?”

mbm delete data

  • Finally, unplug flash drive safely after building a bootable flash drive

boot successfully

Step 2: Boot Your PC from the Burned MiniTool Bootable Disk

  • Connect the burned MiniTool bootable disk to your damaged PC before starting the computer to recover data when Windows won’t boot.
  • Enter the BIOS and then set Bootable Disc as the 1st boot device and save configuration changes.

boot drive 1st

  • Then, you will see the following window – Welcome to MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

minitool 7

  • Finally, you will get its main interface as follows.

main interface boot disk

Step 3: Recover Lost Data When PC Won’t Boot

  • Select Damaged Partition Recovery in the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk.
  • Select the drive containing lost data, and then click Full Scan button.

boot disk full scan

  • Select all needed files and save them on a safe place. And, you can preview pictures before saving, as shown below.

boot disk save

Method 2: MiniTool Power Data Recovery Recovers Data When PC Won’t Boot

In general, if you don’t want to recover lost files by using Power Data Recovery Boot Disk, you can try the following way to recover files from an external hard drive that won’t boot.

Step 1: Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery and then click Damaged Partition Recovery to retrieve data from hard drive that crashed.


Step 2: Select the hard drive where data loss appears, and then click Full Scan button.

pdr full scan

Step 3: Check all needed files, and then click Save button to store them on a safe place.

pdr save

After all operations are done, you have recovered lost data when PC won’t boot.

You needn’t worry too much about lost data, for MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help you effectively recover data when PC won’t boot without damaging original data. You can effectively recover lost data from a dead computer as long as you try using the steps I outlined in the article.