Oral Mart Introduces Unique Football Mouth Guards on Amazon

Bayside, New York, Oct 5th 2017 – As the NFL football season started last month, Oral Mart took this opportunity to unveil its football mouth guards in strapped or strapless models in the market particularly through e-commerce shop leader, Amazon.

In fact, the Oral Mart products have occupied the top three spots of so-called “Amazon Hot New Releases. Shoppers can check out the site at https://www.amazon.com/shops/OralMart/ or by entering the keyword “Oral Mart” on Amazon.

Oral Mart also published a very informative online article about effective mouthpieces for football players.

The top three products are Oral Mart Cushion Sports Mouth Guard for kids and adults; Oral Mart Cushion Sports Football Mouth Guard (with strap and free case); and, Oral Mart Cushion Sports Mouth Guard for children only. Oral Mart mouth guards can also be used for other outdoor sports like basketball, soccer, rugby, and taekwondo.

Football is a premium and one of the favorite sports in the United States. According to Oral Mart, this sport requires the use of football mouth guards as protection for the mouth and teeth. The National Football League (NFL) has made it mandatory for all players to wear these mouthpieces during games.

Mouth guards with straps can be made connected to the helmets so these will not slip or fall down. The strap is normally made from rubber materials. Mouth guards were designed to protect the teeth and mouth but not the person’s lips. Thus, players must wear additional lip guards. For youngsters, the Oral Mart mouth guard is vital for those wearing any kind of braces. The cost is very minimal compared to money that can be spent for medical treatment.

Mouth guards safeguard the teeth, tongue, cheeks, jaw, and gums from getting impaired. The American Dental Association said recently one-third of dental injuries can be traced back to outdoor sports.
Statistics also disclosed that use of mouth guards have successfully prevented over 20, 000 oral sports injuries during the previous year.

Athletes and even ordinary persons who may not feel comfortable using these mouthpieces can easily overcome this feeling. Besides, there are three kinds of protective mouth guards to choose from. There is the common variety. Another type has been branded as professionally protective. The third kind is fitted according to the individual’s jaw by dental experts.

The use of mouth guards have been actively endorsed by dentists, doctors and retail giants like Colgate.


About Oral Mart

Oral Mart has produced mouth guards of different varieties and designs during the past few years. These devices have been proven useful for recreational and combat-type of sports. Its high-quality mouth guards can prevent and minimize injuries that players can sustain in rough scrimmages and tournaments. These products have passed various safety tests and are free from BPA.

Oral Mart is acknowledged as among the leading web-based retail outlets that sell mouth guards. These can be customized based on individual preferences and usage.