Oh Wow! You made a Study Routine! How do you stick to it?

Oh Wow! You made a Study Routine! How do you stick to it?

Before beginning with a project or a task, it is often the first step that is the most difficult one. We are held back by our own assumptions and fears of failing, although we all possess the capability to complete a task. Now that you have taken the effort to create an elaborate study routine for yourself, the key is to adhere to it and follow it diligently. Your aim could be to top your class or crack a tough entrance exam, so sticking to the routine is the only way to get there. Remember, there will be enough distractions along the way and you will have to dig in deep and focus on the goals you have set for yourself.

Before you learn about the ways that will help you to stick to your routine, let us explore why a routine is important to succeed at the highest level. A study routine is an essential part of building discipline into your schedule and will keep you focussed on your goals. If procrastination is a habit you want to shrug off at the earliest, a routine will ensure you remain on track for a long time. You can say goodbye to all-nighters and unlimited cups of coffee, struggle to stay awake, as a well-designed study routine will aid you to utilize your waking hours more effectively. Just like you need assignment help to assess your projects, essays and coursework, similarly it doesn’t hurt to get support while planning a study routine.

  1. Focus on Detail

If your study planner is meticulous and emphasises on details, you are more likely to succeed in sticking to it. While the study plan should encompass every area of your syllabus, remember to pay special attention to your weak areas, instead of working on your strengths. Imagine going to the gym and working out on building biceps, while your burgeoning midriff is the area that needs attention. By creating a study plan that is detailed, it keeps us from concentrating only on our stronger areas while ignoring the weak ones.

  1. Create the right environment

Finding or creating the ideal environment to study is crucial to understand and retain knowledge, so that it can be applied at exam time. It not only enhances your ability to remain focussed for an extended period of time, but is instrumental in meeting your goals. It could be useful if you choose to make a career as a micro-blogger as it needs prolonged focus. Many students like to study with music playing which is fine, as long as the volume and lyrics are not distracting you from your primary purpose. Ensure your study area is free of clutter and clean. Studying at the university/college library is quite motivational especially when one sees others studying diligently.

  1. Create an exercise plan

Students who are active and follow an exercise regime in areas where monitoring of air quality is a mandate, are more focused at the study desk and hence perform well at tests and exams. You can set aside a minimum of 30-45 minutes every day for a bicycle ride or an energetic walk with a friend. Walk to the gymnasium and get on to the treadmill and watch your focussing power improve dramatically. Don’t’ indulge in a highly-strenuous activity unless you want to doze off to sleep.

  1. Join or create a study group

When you play a team sport isn’t it wonderful when you have your team members egging you from the side-lines to do your best? Having a study group to keep each other motivated and helping each other at tough junctures is a great way of keeping spirits from sagging when the going gets tough.

Creating a routine is the best way to inculcate discipline and can be useful in other areas of life too. Get professional essay help if you are lagging in those areas and make it a part of your study routine.

  • Wake up early and begin your day with a quick jog or a walk across the park
  • Make sure you limit your late-night parties to the weekend
  • Maintain a proper diet and refrain from too much of fast-food and alcohol

Just like a study routine is the best way to focus on the tasks at hand, an exercise routine will keep your mind and body healthy and ready for the daily challenges that life throws at us. A disciplined individual is able to achieve much more in life as there is a time and place for study, work and fun.

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