MiniTool: Recover Data from Broken or Damaged Android Phone

Accident always happens unexpectedly, no matter how much you take good care of your Android phone. There are many reasons like accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, etc can cause data loss issues on Android devices. Broken screen is one of the reasons for Android data loss. Broken screen of Android will lose its touch functionality and becomes unresponsive. If your Android phone is still on with crackedscreen only, you can fix your broken Android phone by replacing the broken phone screen.

Of course, fixing the broken Android phone will take you some time. With a piece of genuine and professional Android data recovery software, you can get data from broken Android phone in a safe and smooth way.

It is necessary to introduce the powerful and reliable Android data recovery tool – MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android.

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Profile

This software can not only detect the lost or deleted data and files but also show you the existing items. You can absolutely use it to recover data from broken Android phone with broken screen. Here I strongly suggest you applying its Free Edition to have a try first, and this freeware enables you to recover 10 pieces of a single file type each time.

To achieve this, you need to firstly download and install this software to the computer, and here you should notice that this software can be operated on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

How to Recover Data from Broken Android Phone

Step-by-step Guide to Retrieve Broken Android Phone Data

Step 1: After downloading and installing this free software to your computer, just open it and you will see its main interface with two recovery modules listed in the middle section. To recover data from Android phone directly, you should click on “Recover from Phone” module to continue.

main interface

Step 2: You will enter this interface as follows. Here just connect your Android phone to the computer and this software will start to analyze your device automatically.


Step 3: This is not an inevitable step. This following interface will pop out when you connect your Android phone to the computer for the first time, or you didn’t check “Always allow from this computer” option before even if it is not the first connection. Under this situation, if you are lucky, you can press “OK” on your broken phone and then enter the next step.


Step 4: If you don’t need to allow USB debugging, you will enter this step directly after the analyzing process. Here, this interface gives you two kinds of scan options: “Quick Scan” and “Deep Scan“. Check the scan method you want to use and click on the right lower side blue button “Next” to continue. Here take “Deep Scan” as an example.

select scan

Step 5: Then you will see the scan result interface as follows. The scanned data types will be listed on the left side which provides convenience for you to choose the data and files you want to recover by type. For example, if you want to get pictures off a broken Android phone, there are three types for you to choose: “Camera“, “APP Picture” of “Photos & Videos” category and “Picture” of “Raw & Document” category. Then just select the pictures you want to retrieve and click on “Recover” button to continue.


Step 6: The rest wizards will lead you to save the selected data and files to the software default path or another location on the computer. You can arrange the path according to your personal requirement.

At last, you can enter the specified storage location and use these recovered data and files directly.

Something you should know before broken Android phone recovery

1. It is a general rule that you have to root your Android phone in advance if you want to use an Android data recovery tool to get your data back.

2. If your Android phone has been rooted before, but it doesn’t allow USB Debugging from the computer you are going to use by pressing on the broken Android phone screen, you will be unable to retrieve your Android data on the device with this program.

allow usb debugging

3. Some of you may say that you have allowed USB debugging before, but why you still get that prompt when you connect the Android device to the computer again.

4. If your Android phone is totally broken and you can’t turn it on, unfortunately, this software is unable to help you to recover your Android data because it only works when the Android phone is turning on.

When your Android phone screen is broken and you want to use the important data and files on it, the best way is to use “Recover from Phone” module of MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android to get the data and files from it.