BEIJING, March 15, 2017 — LINE Camera, popular photo editor and filter app by LINE Corporation, features new animated stamps using ULSee’s face tracking technology. LINE Camera has been downloaded over nine million times at, and today, the app offers new and exciting ways to edit photos with over 5000 stamps and customizable filters – a great way to spice up photos!

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Today, over 80% of mobile users use camera apps to enhance photos. Applications from animated stamps and AR interactive games to virtual try-on are based on face detection and tracking, face recognition, and 3D rendering. With LINE’s new animated masks, users can add accessories and transforming effects to their faces, instantly.

What sets ULSee apart? ULSee’s face recognition technology is first in its class, having achieved a remarkable rate of up to 99.8% on the LFW benchmark dataset.

  • Tracking with occlusions – ULSee’s face tracker can maintain tracking through occlusions
  • Tracking facial expressions – ULSee’s face tracker can continue tracking facial landmarks even through challenging facial movements
  • Varying lighting conditions – ULSee’s face tracker can detect and track facial landmarks in diverse and sub-optimal lighting situations

ULSee is the leading face tracker on the market based on key measures including core facial landmarks, frames per second, performance in low light, trackable jawline and maximum face roll angles.

ULSee technology guarantees high stability and precision for exceptional user experience.  

In 2016, ULSee participated in the “Star of Qiantang” innovation competition, and under the guidance of Chris, CTO of ULSee, ULSee’s face tracking and recognition programs won first place out of over 1000 contestants from Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, and UK. ULSee was awarded a prize of 10 million RMB. Mr. Nan Cun Hui, the competition’s chief judge, evaluated ULSee at $200 million.

“ULSee’s marker-less facial tracking technology, which tracks 66 -150 facial points in real-time, allows companies like LINE to create fun and immersive products for their apps,” said Chris, CTO of ULSee. “Users love them, too – they can create playful photos seamlessly with myriad special effects, stickers and masks at their fingertips. We can even do animation gaming, virtual makeup, and avatar video chat.”

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LINE Corporation is based in Japan. It was renamed from NHN Japan Corporation on April 1, 2013, and operates the LINE, NAVER matome, and livedoor web service businesses. Since launching LINE in June 2011, LINE Corporation has placed the core of its business upon the service and actively pushed for the further expansion of the service on a global scale, as well as accelerating the development of LINE as a platform. (

About ULSee

Founded in 2014, ULSee is a steadfast and trusted company dedicated to innovating technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning. A leader in computer vision, ULSee is revolutionizing the way humans and computers interact by delivering breakthrough solutions spanning across tracking, detection, recognition, analysis, 3D re-construction, and image pre-processing. ULSee’s award-winning face tracker is implemented in a wide range of applications from 3D face masks and virtual try-on to advanced surveillance and intelligent driving. ULSee’s face recognition technology is also first in its class, having achieved a remarkable rate of 99.8% on the LFW benchmark dataset. ULSee’s leading SDKs and APIs are easy to employ, exceptionally accurate and robust, and available on multiple platforms including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux. With offices in Taipei, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco, ULSee is quickly expanding to better cater to its global clientele. (

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