“I thought Social Media Management was about posting pictures” 5 tips to grow your audience

We came across this post recently and oh boy, it describes perfectly how the many social media features can confuse and overload business owners and organizations when managing their own social media platforms.

We lined up 5 tips to help beginners and start ups to manage their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without going insane, until you are ready to get professional assistance:

1 – Pick Certain Days to Post

in the beginning make only 1 post per day, 3 times a week. This is enough for news pages with no budget set.

2 – Focus on Engagement

use your spare time to share the content you created. It is not wise to clog your page with too much content without engagement. To produce engagement, ask people in your industry to help you share the content and share it across pages you already have access.

3 – Be Consistent

Pick the same time every day to post on social media, mid-afternoon is the best time if you only posting once a day.

4 – Branding Your Content

Add your own logo to graphics you are sharing. This will enhance your brand presence.

5 – Track Your Growth

Pull a simple report once a week to track impressions and growth, for pulling a simple Facebook report: click on the top of your page “Insights” 

This will give you an idea of page views, likes, posts engagements and most liked posts, and help you understand what your audience prefer.

Managing multiple social platforms and pages is very time consuming, but essential for your business growth. Having a consistent schedule across your pages sends out the message that you are serious about your mission and engagement proves your organization’s value.

Need help managing your Hootsuite BrandBastion or SocialBekers? Follow the same tips above but schedule your calendar once weekly. Alternate days, if you curate content with a clear vision of what your audience is more likely to engage, your numbers will rise faster.

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– by Adriana J.

Social Media Strategist