How to Prepare a Good Military Technology Research Paper

How to Prepare a Good Military Technology Research Paper

America is the world’s superpower when it comes to economic and military supremacy. Information technology in the army has further strengthened this dominance of America. To write a good military technology research paper, you need to have a detailed knowledge of the technologies that are currently in use by America and other countries.

Although the primary weapons used by the military are still the same, their effectiveness has increased manifolds with the coming up of the information age.

The three technologies have changed the weapons at a very drastic pace in the 21st century are:

  • Primary Propulsion systems
  • Designs
  • Internal Combustion

Out of the above three technologies, two have been developed recently. It is surprising to see that the speeds of the U.S. Navy destroyers have not been increased. All the significant advancements have been made in the communications, surveillance and navigation technologies which in turn have helped the military. Surgical operations can now be easily carried out.

A current military technology research paper should consider both constructive and destructive side of the technological advancements in the military. The power of America in military technology has also made it vulnerable to an extent. As technology often falls into the hands of wrong people, it has already been used against America to perform life threatening operations by terrorists. The battlefields of Iraq where many American soldiers have lost their lives are the perfect example of such an incident.

Technology in Land Warfare

It is a prime area which all militaries focus. When writing a research paper, this should be one of the main areas of study. Tanks have been the best combat vehicles since 1940’s. With the technological advancements, the tanks have become more sophisticated.

Some of the primary technologies used by the tanks today are:

  • Stabilized Turrets
  • Night Vision Capabilities
  • Laser Finders

With the increase in efficiency of the tanks, the anti-armor weapons like missiles have also increased their effectiveness. The  anti-armor systems have become so advanced that even the most advanced tanks can destroy the new age missiles and aerial bombing. The anti- armor technology has not been used to its full potential in the recent years by the countries which are war struck. The countries like Iraq, Palestine and Czech Republic do not have any robust defense system till now.

Technology in Naval Warfare

Navy of every country divided into aircraft carriers, ships, and submarines. The U.S Navy is one of the best in the world, and no other country tries to compete with it. Almost every navy in the world does just more than patrolling their ocean boundaries. When we think of different countries that have aircraft carriers there also, the U.S. is unmatched regarding numbers. U.S. has 12 aircraft carriers followed by France which has one along with India and Russia which have one each.

In the year 1960, summaries also started carrying missiles to boost the defense system. The U.S has the largest number of nuclear-powered submarines in the world. The actual count is 70. The U.S naval vessels although have shrunk in number over the years. They are equipped with a tactical computer network with the name force.

The warships used in America are more sophisticated than anywhere else in the world. The attack from an enemy can be countered electronically by deflecting its direction. To maintain its dominance in the Naval warships, the U.S keeps on updating the weapons with the newest technology. The plug-and-play technology is continuously becoming popular when it comes to configuring the aquatic systems for different missions. The material used to build these systems is appropriately chosen to produce the best effect.

Technology in Aerial Warfare

The entire major modern day surfaces to air missiles are more dangerous than air to air missiles. It is relatively easy to operate them. The technologies used in this domain are jammers, radar-seeking missiles and so on. Other techniques include stealth technology which is employed primarily by the U.S air force. To counter the stealth technology some sensors have already been developed which can quickly detect planes equipped with stealth technology.

With the help of the new technologies, the warplanes can now reach places where one cannot imagine. From the dense forests to the hilly areas the air forces can perform their operations smoothly. The hand-carried missiles have become even more dangerous. Its effects came into light when in the year 1980; the Soviet’s aircraft was seriously damaged in Afghanistan. This event is enough for countries to focus more on the un-manned missions when it comes to missile war.

Technology in Space Warfare

Space is the new place where the militaries across the globe have shifted their focus now. In the year 2001, the U.S has sent more than 100 satellites that are currently in use by the military. It helps the military to perform different operations with ease. The U.S spends almost 90% of the world’s total military spending on similar programs.    

The most advanced military satellite by the U.S can even trace a 6-inch object from 150 miles above the earth’s crust. The accuracy of these systems is such that the objects with 3 to 9 feet from each other can be easily identified. The GPS system which was previously used for the military purposes now used for commercial purposes by the applications developed across the globe. Space agencies across the different countries are expanding their reach in these technologies with mutual collaboration. Launching the commando missions to kill the terrorists have already become familiar with the help of military space technologies. Robotics is also coming up as a new way to fight modern wars, but a lot of research has been made in this field yet.

The above points should be kept in mind before you start writing a military research paper. Giving proper examples is required to validate points mentioned in the research paper. Both positive and negative aspects of technology need to be addressed to write a good technology research paper as depicted above.