Easy Ways to Control Linear Actuators via Android System

The integration of industrial actuators in the automation of homes has created avenues for the use of phone and Wi-Fi applications to control the motions of the actuators remotely. This technology allows for the interlinking of various systems of the house to  ensure comfort and improves the quality of life. The use of Android system in controlling linear actuators is highly advocated for concerning the advantages that accompany this technology; less effort, cut costs and the user-friendly guide into a successful installation of an Android controlled actuator system.  Similarly, precision, accuracy and energy efficiency is achieved by the use of the Android system control. This article discusses the ways to control a linear actuator using the Android system.

Firstly, linear actuators can be monitored by the use of Wi-Fi apps for linear actuators. These apps are installed on Android systems of mobile phones, and they are wired to control the actuators directly. The connection is achieved through a micro-web server which has an IP connectivity for remotely controlling and accessing devices using a phone. The apps can allow control of multiple actuators working simultaneously to achieve the same efficiency and precision. Similarly, the app has a three-light system which allows the user to detect a Wi-Fi connection, power availability and an outgoing signal. This app is an excellent solution for any home or office do-it-yourself projects. This app is dependent on Wi-Fi availability to access devices at home. However, mobile cellular networks can be used to access the system.

The idea of smart homes has been an area of technological innovations for a long time. The ages of using Bluetooth controlled systems preceded the use of smartphones. The Bluetooth devices are not dependent on network availability, either cellular or Wi-Fi connections. The built in Bluetooth device controls and accesses the sub-controller of the primary Bluetooth device which has a physical connection with the linear actuators. This way has the same effect like the Wi-Fi apps only that it is not dependent on network availability.

In conclusion, installation of Android systems to control linear actuators grants high levels of energy efficiency, motion precision and accuracy .the linking of Android systems to actuators is a significant advancement in achieving desired smart homes.