Best Parental Control App for iPhone

If you are a working parent and you have got a working partner too, then you must have felt the need for a good parental control app. Even if you are not a working parent, then too you might forget to look what your kid is up to in that closed room of his or her when you are busy in your household chores. Internet is a very fascinating place that has got its own pros and cons. While it helps you learn a great deal of good things, the easy accessibility of inappropriate content makes it an equally dangerous tool. So, better to have the best parental control app for iPhone in hand to keep your kids’ safe.

What is Kidgy?

Apps have made our lives much easier than it was before. Kidgy is an amazing app that work like an internet nanny for your kids. The app alerts you of different kinds of internet threats, location changes and many other things that might pose a risk or danger for your kids. Many people have reviewed this app and are quite happy with the product.

What does Kidgy offer?

Kidgy has a lot to offer. Some of its best features include the following:

  • Is your kid texting someone secretively? Or do you think he or she is talking to someone who has got a questionable character? Kidgy helps you keep a check on what your kid texts, whom does he talk to and what he is trying to hide by deleting the texts. The app sends everything to you in a detailed report. What’s better than that?
  • GPS tracking is of great help when you are not close to your kids or have left them some place when you are at work. Constant GPS tracking of your kid and changes in his or her location are sent to you as alerts. Your child can also send panic alerts or SOS through the app if he or she feels there is some danger.
  • The app allows you to create virtual safe zones or boundaries for your child so that your kid does not cross them. In case your kid violates your wish or someone kidnaps them from the region specified, then you get alerts on your phone. You can track your kids’ location after he or she crosses the boundary of your safe zone.

When it comes to a good parental control app, you need to make sure it covers every other way your kid might fall into the wrong hands or the wrong path. When children approach teenage, they often get diverted from their studies and their interest in inappropriate things rises. Kids often roam around after school hours and come home late thus wasting their time. They often hide their plans from their parents and go to places they should not go, talk to people they should not talk and the list goes on…keep your kids tracked using Kidgy and you won’t have to worry about them anymore.