Africa News : Constitutional Crisis Looms in Nigeria as Biafran State Counsellor takes Office

Biafra Crisis : Government in Diaspora (of Biafraland) Swears in Top Political Envoy.

Professor Obi is to serve as State Counsellor and Head of International Government Relations.

In a Sensational Twist of Affairs concerning the 50 Year Old Biafran Struggle for Autonomy , Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi – a Highly Controversial Black European Politician of British Birth , Biafran Heritage , Igbo Extraction and African Descent , was , on the 21st of September 2017 , Officially Sworn in (at Dawn) ; amidst Tight Personal Security and Total Media Blackout.


* To Peacefully Apply for Diplomatic Recognition of Biafraland ; as an Independent State under Lawful Occupation.

* To Peacefully Represent the Biafran Diaspora at the United Nations (UN) , the European Union (EU) and All Major Diplomatic Bodies across the World (and Beyond).

* To Peacefully (and Jointly) Negotiate with (both) Nigeria and Cameroon ; on an Ongoing (Harmonious) Level.

* To Peacefully Conduct a Census of All (Non-Terrorist) Biafrans in Diaspora.

* To Internationally Promote Biafrans as a Peaceful (Non-Terrorist) Human Race.

Apart from a Very Short Statement , Privately Published on LinkedIn , No Additional Statements have been made by Dr Obi in relation to this matter.

Further Information will be arriving shortly.


Doctor Obi previously worked as a (Young) Medical Adviser at State House Annex Clinic in Abuja ; during the Equally Controversial Presidency of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

For the Past 20 Years (or so), he has quietly served as State Counsellor to the Biafran Diaspora.

The Official Linkedin Profile of Prof Obi is currently located at

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