5S Dermal Graft Penis Enlargement Surgery From the Best Penile Enlargement Surgery Clinic In South Korea

Seoul, South Korea – June 11, 2018 — For men around the world who are considering penile enlargement surgery, one of the world’s leading urology clinics, Proud Urology Clinic, offers the most innovative, effective, and pioneering medical penile enlargement surgery available.

The Clinic’s 5S Penile Enlargement male enhancement surgery offers the compilation of five different desired results as a part of one short and minimally invasive surgery.  The 5S procedure is designed to help men address both physical and psychological concerns regarding their sex life, confidence, and penis.  The affordable surgery is performed at the Clinic’s highly advanced, cleanest facilities in Seoul and performed by top qualified and certified urologists.

Based on its proprietary dermal substitute material, the urologists at the Proud Urology Clinic offer the safest and most effective penile enlargement surgery available today. The 5S process addresses:

  • Penile length by increasing the length of the penis
  • Penile enlargement adding girth to the penis
  • Glans enlargement increasing the size of the glans
  • Premature surgery to inhibit premature ejaculation
  • PRF quick recovery

The innovative 5S penile enhancement surgery can be completed in only a fifty-minute visit due to the expertise of the clinic’s urologists and the technology available at the clinic.  A single, one day visit can help any man overcome the complicated physical and psychological struggles he has been experiencing in his sex life.  The 5S surgery is not only for any man from his 20s to 60s, but also for an improved sexual experience with his partners.

To learn more about the Proud Urology Clinic, read about its high-quality procedures and expected results, or to schedule an appointment today, please visit http://www.proudurology.com/, email prouduroclinic@gmail.com, or call +82-10-7575-7502.


About Proud Urology Clinic

The Proud Urology Clinic is one of the world’s best men’s enhancement surgical clinics in South Korea.  The clinic is operated by three of the world’s most distinguished urologists who have built a stellar reputation through many years of experience.  The clinic specializes in penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction surgery and provides professional and personal care for all of its patients.