MiniTool Solution: How to Recover Photos from Broken iPhone

It is an extremely common phenomenon that you drop your iPhone on the ground but you need to get the important pictures off it. Frankly, it is not hard to get photos off a broken iPhone as long as it can still be recognized by the computer. If you have created an iTunes/iCloud backup, with reliable iOS data recovery software, you can easily retrive photos from your broken iPhone.

How to Get Pictures off Broken iPhone

There are many iPhone data recovery software are already existed to recover photos, videos, messages, notes, as well as other kinds of iOS data from iPhone. MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS is an excellent option of all for you.

It is used to recover iOS data from almost all Apple products, iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/SE/6S Plus/6S/6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, iPad 2/1, iPad mini and iPod Touch5/4. It has three recovery modules, they are “Recover from iOS Device“, which can scan your iOS device to get the data on it; “Recover from iTunes Backup File“, which is used to scan your previous iTunes backup file and recover the chosen data to your computer; and “Recover from iCloud Backup file“, which is designed to download the selected iOS data from the relative iCloud backup file.

The following three ways are based on Windows Operating System, and if you are using Mac version, the steps are the same.

Way 1: Recover Photos from Broken iPhone Directly

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer and double click on the software icon to enter the main interface. This software will detect your iPhone automatically and display it on the interface. Then you should press on the lower side “Scan” button to continue.


Step 2: You will enter the results interface after the scanning process is finished. The left side of the interface is a list of all data types, and you can click on “Photos” to make all the scanned pictures display on the interface with their name and format. Here, this software enables you to preview them one by one, and this design can help you to select the items you want to recover. Since this is the free edition, you can just select two pieces of photos and then click on the lower left side button “Recover” to continue.


Step 3: There will be a small rectangle pop-out window then. In this step, you can choose to save the selected photos to the default path shown on this window; or you can click on “Browse” button to select another path on the computer to keep them.


After these three simple steps, your selected iPhone photos will be saved to the specified path, and you are able to use them directly.

Way 2: Retrieve Broken iPhone Photos from iTunes Backup File

Suppose that the iPhone photos you want to get are included in the previous iTunes backup file, you can use “Recover from iTunes Backup File” module to recover your broken iPhone photos.

Step 1: Select “Recover from iTunes Backup File” module from the main interface. Then the iTunes backup files will be listed here. It is quite possible that there is more than one iTunes backup file on the interface. In this case, you can choose the right one by judging from their “Name” and “Latest Backup Date“.


Step 2: Theoretically, the larger the iTunes backup file is, the longer the scanning time will be. Just as way 1, when the scanning process is finished, you will see the results interface as following. Choose “Photos” from the left list to make the software display the scanned iPhone photos only. And then you can preview them, select the items you want to recover and click on the lower left side blue button “Recover” to continue.


Step 3: The rest pop-out windows will lead you to choose a suitable location to store those selected iPhone photos

When these three steps are finished, you should check these recovered iPhone photos from the specified storage path to verify that if this recovery works or not.

Way 3: Restore Broken iPhone Photos from iCloud Backup File

Step 1: Select the right recovery module from the main interface and this software will inform you to type your “Apple ID” and “Password” into the corresponding bar. Then, click on “Sign In” button.


Step 2: Here, this software will show you all the available iCloud backup files. You can choose the target one by judging from their “Name“, “Latest Backup Date” and “File Size“. Then, press on “DownLoad” button to continue.


Step 3: In this step, you will see a pop-out window with the iPhone data types. For you want to get your iPhone photos this time, you should check “Photos” here, and then click on “Confirm” button to continue.


Step 4: Some minutes later, the software will enter its results interface with only downloaded iPhone photos on it. Choose your wanted items and press on “Recover” button to select a suitable location from the pop-out window to store them.

Finally, those recovered iPhone photos are saved to your specified path. And you are also allowed to view and use them directly.

Compared with way 1 and way 2, way 3 has an extra step enables you to choose the data type you want to recover, and also some useful tips to help you better protect your iPhone and files.  This kind of design saves you a lot of time if the whole iCloud backup file is large in size.