MiniTool – How to Fix – Photos Disappeared and Missing from iPhone

You may panic a lot when you upgrade to the latest iOS 11 and find out that many of the images on your camera roll have disappeared. But it is not a rare incident. Photos disappeared and missing from iPhone suddenly is so common to occur, and if you google the issue, you can find a lot of people talking about it.

I spent a lot of time dig deeper into the issues, collect and find the reasons, try to resolve and restore the photos disappeared from iPhone with third-party software – like MiniTool Mobile Recovery.

Main Reasons for iPhone Photos Disappeared Issue

1. Heavy Apps, videos, multiple photos, and other data occupy the internal memory of your iPhone, then low storage space occurs, causing iPhone is unable to show up photos.
2. Mistaken settings like turning off Photo Stream can cause iPhone photos disappeared from Camera Roll.
3. An unstable system may happen after updating to iOS 11/10 and result in photos disappeared from iPhone after update issue.
4. You may log in a different iCloud account or iCloud Photo Sync is disabled.
5. Photos are hidden.

Recover Deleted Photos with MiniTool Mobile Recovery

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iPhone is a piece of iPhone data recovery software, enabling you to recover lost contacts, messages, photos, notes, videos, etc. due to accidental deletion, iOS upgrade, device crash or steal. And it supports iOS devices like iPhone X/8/7/6s/6/5s/5, iPad Air, iPad 2, iPod touch, etc. and it is available on Windows OS and Mac OS X. Moreover, it is 100% safe and secure.

Following the steps below to get back your photos.

Step 1: Install the latest iTunes.
It is necessary to install iTunes on your computer in advance. If you haven’t installed iTunes or the version is not the latest, you will find its Recover from iOS Device feature won’t work normally after launching MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS. Just download the latest version of iTunes from Apple’s official website and click Retry button on the software.

install itunes

Step 2: Trust your PC.
As you know, Apple’s devices have high security. Thus, no program can directly access data on an Apple device without a permit. After connecting the phone to your computer, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS will ask you to trust the PC by following the instructions.


To recover photos disappeared from iPhone, click Trust button in Trust This Computer box on your iPhone screen.Note that if you have a passcode lock, please unlock it at first.

trust this computer

Then, go back to MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS interface and click Scan button to scan your iPhone X/8/7/6s/6/5s/5.


Step 3: Analyze iOS data.
Next, you see this iPhone data recovery tool will automatically analyze your iPhone data. The time that this operation will take is determined by the data size. Hence, please wait patiently.


Note: What if your iPhone is encrypted?Just enter a password to unlock it after the analysis operation is done.

Step 4: Scanning your iPhone.
Next, this software will begin to scan your device. Similarly, wait for some time patiently. If you have found the missing photos, you can click Stop button.


Step 5: Recover deleted photos iPhone.
After completing the scan, you will enter the result interface. Here, you can see the found file types on the left side. To restore photos disappeared from iPhone after update, you can click Photos or App Photos, and view found pictures. Then, check the needed pictures and tap Recover button to save them.

scan result


Step 6: Save photos to a path.
Finally, recover pictures missing from iPhone to the default storage path. Or click Browse to specify another location and save pictures.

storage path

tip In addition to Recover from iOS device feature, there are other two features offered by MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS.

  • Recover from iTunes Backup File
  • Recover from iCloud Backup File
More Tips about iPhone Photos Recovery

In addition to using the third-party iPhone recovery software to recover pictures from iPhone, there are some small tips you can take to fix photos disappeared from iPhone issue. In some specific situations, they can be effective. Besides, you can avoid the same issue next time if you have learned and taken these tips.

① Restart Your iPhone
② Check Recently Deleted Album
③ Check iCloud Photo Library
④ Check iCloud Account
⑤ Restore Disappeared Photos from iTunes Backups Using iTunes
⑥ Unhide Photos

Now, you may get to know how to deal with the issue – iPhone photos disappeared.