The new vision of an old Derringer

Derringer has always been a favorite prototype for mini firearms masters. Its mechanism is simple so it can be easily miniaturized. There was even a case when such a gun was made on the scale of 1:9. Although this gun can be called functioning only in theory: there is no ammunition that fits for it. Indeed, creating the mechanism is only half the work. The main task is to adjust the mechanism so the gun fires, to be a firearm in a full sense of this word.

Among functioning models that fire live ammunition, we know fine examples made by David Kucer, Tom Weston, David Ostermann, Bob Urso and others. However, there is always a field for experiments for a true enthusiast in any sphere. A mini firearm is not an exception: here is always space for a challenge, an opportunity for conquering new tops and setting new records. We would like to present you our vision of this popular model of firearms.

The most of Derringer firing copies available for sale nowadays are made on scales of 1:2, 1:3, 1:4. But we believe that it is not the limit! Our craftsmen set a new goal: to create a firing Derringer on the scale of 1:6, with the smallest caliber. We can’t say it was easy.  The assembly and processing of parts were carried out not under a simple magnifying glass, but under a microscope. For the barrel production, we used super precise watchmaker’s lathe. For a durable work of tiny mechanism, we ordered special steel watch springs from Switzerland.

A special exploding mixture was created for cartridges production. It works well on micro volumes. The inner diameter of the sleeve is only 1 mm. A bullet made of hardened steel has a corresponding caliber and is not deformed when exposed to any surface.

You can see the result on the video: our gun fires just fine, furthermore the shot power is enough to break through a metal wall of a can.

Of course, jeweler work was required for realization of this idea. So we’ve found it logical to use appropriate material for this: gold. There are two kinds of gold that are used in our pistol: both are 14 karats. White gold is closer to steel due to its hardness and is used in moving parts; yellow gold is used for the pistol body. All parts are made of gold, even fastening screws (the only exception – aforementioned steel watch springs). Looking at the pistol grip, you probably have thought that it is made of ivory. That’s half-true. No animals were harmed during the production! The bone belongs to legendary fossil mammoth, not the elephant. This material came to us from Siberia – paleontologists sometimes find them in regions with a cold climate, where they, due to the temperature conditions, are perfectly preserved.

As a result, we have obtained the piece of art which is unique in every way, not onlyarmory, but also jewelry. Pistol can not only be kept in the collection, but also be worn as a pendant. At the moment, several variants of its decoration were developed: gold of two kinds with a bone, gold with diamonds, white gold, and silver.

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