Recover Lost Desktop Files – Windows Help – MiniTool Support

Desktop computers have become mandatory of every use. All vital documents, reports, databases, etc. will be saved on the desktops for easy and quick access. But sometimes you might encounter loss of essential files from your desktop. Let us consider a scenario wherein you were deleting few unwanted files and during the process of selection, mistakenly you selected important files and deleted it.

After realizing you have deleted important files accidentally, you might wonder how to recover desktop lost files? Can we recover deleted/lost desktop files on Windows PC? The answer is YES. Many Windows users store frequently used files on desktop. Before finding the solution to recover desktop files under Windows 7/8.1, or 10, let’s see the reasons that can cause desktop file loss on Windows 8/8.1. Here are some reasons:

1. Reinstall Windows or upgrade Windows without keeping personal files.

upgrade windows to Windows 10 whether to keep personal files

2. Accidents emerge when you update or upgrade Windows 10/8/7 and Server.

3. Your computer suffered from virus attack.

4. Some anti-virus software may also delete your desktop files.

5. You boot computer from another Windows OS.

6. You logged in with a temporary or different account.

7. Users deleted desktop files by mistake.

Quickly Recover Desktop Files Using Data Recovery Software

If you don’t know which data recovery program to choose, try MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which perfectly supports all versions of Windows operating systems, including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012. It is able to recover deleted files, and recover files from formatted, inaccessible, or lost partitions.

Firstly, launch the program to get its main window:

lost desktop files recover usign data recovery software select proper function

Then, select the “Undelete Recovery” module which is specially designed to recover deleted files.

lost desktop files recover usign data recovery software select c drive

Next, select the drive where desktop files are originally stored, which is always the drive C, and click “Scan“. Then, the program will search the selected drive and list all scanning results in a short time.

However, if this module fails to find desktop files you want to recover, go back to the main window of Power Data Recovery, and choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” module to try again since this module will deep scan your drive.

After successful scanning, you’ll see all scanning results:

lost desktop files recover usign data recovery software save recovered files

Here, find the partition and look for the desktop folder to see whether your missing desktop files are there.
Or you can recover specified types of desktop files from Type path:

lost desktop files recover usign data recovery software save recovered files

If you are lucky to find needed files, just select and save them to other location.

You can try other 6 methods to get back your lost desktop files, if you don’t want to do data recovery at first (the disappeared desktop files are not that important).

It should be noted that this may take some time if the disk saves a huge number of files. Please just wait patiently.