Recover Seagate Hard Drive Data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Data security is about keeping data safe. If the data is damaged, lost, or stolen, it can lead to disaster. Data disaster is just like a time bomb, which can explode anytime. The world of data security is progressing at a huge speed and improvements in technologies, software defined storage and common sense are becoming increasingly better, though.

One thing you care about is surely how to recover external hard drive data. Besides, we guess Seagate data recovery cost will also draw much of your attention. Is it possible to get free external hard drive recovery software or at least to enjoy high-quality Seagate recovery services by paying reasonable money?

Tips for Recovering Data from Seagate Hard Drive

Step 1: download MiniTool Power Data Recovery if you are running Windows OS. Or get MiniTool Mac Data Recovery if you are working on a Mac.

Step 2: open the drive/folder that contains the application you’ve just downloaded and then click to start installing the software on computer by following ways:

a). double click on the application to see the installation wizard.
b). right click on the application and then choose “Run as administrator” to see the wizard.

After that, you should follow the wizard step by step to finish Seagate recovery software installation (you shouldn’t install it on your Seagate hard drive with lost data).

Step 3: you can choose to run Power Data Recovery in the last step of installation or double click on the software icon to open it manually. In the main interface, you’ll see five functional modules designed for different data loss situations. At this time, please select the one that is most suitable for your own Seagate hard drive data loss case.

For instance, if you need to recover data from a formatted hard drive, please just click on “Damaged Partition Recovery”.

Step 4: now, you should select the formatted partition or formatted external hard drive from the partition list. And then, please click on the “Full Scan” button to do a thorough scan.

Top Recommendation

What if you need to recover data from Seagate external hard disk which is not detecting here? That is to say, the external hard drive is not recognized by the computer. On this occasion, you must figure out why the external hard drive doesn’t appear and take corresponding measures to make it show up.

Besides, Seagate offers solutions to diagnose a Seagate USB external drive. You can go to see whether they are suitable for your case or not.

When scanning a drive containing too many files, you’ll find the progress bar is seemly stuck. But in fact, the scan has been going on all the time; it only takes a long time to scan a large drive and list all the found files for you.

Under such circumstances, you can click on the certain button in the “Full Scan” window (as shown below) to see details of the scanning. You’ll find all the numbers are changing with the scan.

Step 5: at the end of the scan, the software will calculate partition layout and load partitions & files for you.

Note: you’ll see the “Information” window shown in above picture when the software finds a lot of partitions but only list a few of them. At this time, you are expected to click on “OK” button to close this window and then browse the found files and folders in listed partitions.

Step 6: please browse the listed partitions one by one carefully and check the files & folders you’d like to recover (you may make use of the “Preview” function to see a picture/txt file more clearly). Afterward, you ought to click on the “Save” button in the lower right corner to set a safe storage path for the checked items waiting to be recovered.

Note: the “File Saving Limit” prompt window will pop up when the total size of files you have selected to recover exceeds 1GB (the recovery limit of free edition). At this time, you have no choice but to upgrade your copy of software (get a license) in order to break the limit.

Sometimes, you may also find your Seagate hard drive shows as unknown or becomes dead. Are there any good suggestions to get out of these troubles? Of course, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a good and high cost-effective choice.