Just how can a Private Investigator help you?

private investigatorDo you suspect a partner of being unfaithful? Do you think they have a dark past that they are hiding from you? Unfortunately,  sometimes even the people closest to us can lie. When you have suspicions and need proof, get in touch with London based private investigator “Are They Safe”.

“Are They Safe” was founded by Laura Lyons in 2014 following a deeply personal experience when she discovered the person she married had a hidden past that she was not aware of at the time.  “Are They Safe” helps women and men to gather background information on potential and current partners. If you suspect that someone close to you may not be who they seem, then it pays to get in touch.

According to British charity Living With Abuse, 1 in 4 women will become the victim of an abusive relationship at some point in their lives and 2 women across the UK are murdered by their partner every week. Very often the victims report that at first their partner was very kind and charming and it wasn’t until they were already in a relationship that their partner became abusive. Sometimes they can even convince your friends you’re the problem. Very often these men will have violent pasts, but will completely hide them from their partner.

As a survivor and campaigner of Domestic Violence and Honour Based Violence (HBV), Director Laura Lyons founded “Are They Safe” when she realised there was an urgent need for women to have access to this information, but it wasn’t readily available or affordable to most women. “Are They Safe” employs experienced military and ex-police private investigators and surveillance operatives to uncover the truth about your potential partner’s past. Each case is assigned an experienced private investigator to research your case and find out all the hard facts you need to know about your partner or potential partner.

The statistics show that 85% of women who suspect their partner of cheating are correct. But in the experience of Laura Lyons, 100 percent of women who have hired her company to catch cheating husbands have been correct. If you suspect your partner of cheating, a private investigator can help you gather the evidence you need as proof. For many women, this proof can come in handy for proving infidelity in divorce proceedings and getting more favourable settlements.

It could start with finding a bra that isn’t yours in the house, or your partner spending more time away from you. “A woman’s intuition is usually correct”, according to Laura Lyons, “The women already know their partner has been unfaithful, they just need our private detectives to find the proof.” In addition to finding errant bras, there are many other signs your partner could be cheating on you. Your husband working late at work more often, going out with friends all the time, coming home smelling of perfume or with makeup on their clothes, not answering their phone or texts, wiping their internet history and keeping their phone locked and on them at all times around you. All these signs and more can point to your partner cheating, but they don’t hold up in court. Your partner can deny or explain away a bra you found that doesn’t below to you, but a private investigator from “Are They Safe” can acquire the pictures and video you need to prove your case in court.

“Are They Safe” has been featured in the national press many times before for the services it provides to women. By making background information of current and potential partners affordable for women, founder Laura Lyons hopes to save more women from going through what she did. “Most women don’t want to admit that their partner isn’t who she thinks they are, but it’s better to discover a hurtful truth early on before it’s too late.”

“Are They Safe” provides a wide range of detective and investigative services courtesy of its experienced personnel. They can run background checks on online dating profiles to make sure that the person you are talking to isn’t dangerous or different from what they claim. High profile sexual predator Jason Lawrence was arrested for raping five women he met through Match.com. He was also found guilty of sexually assaulting and attempting to rape two other women after chatting to them online. He contacted thousands of women through the website. By running background checks before meeting up with potential dates, women can identify potential predators before ever putting themselves in danger.

“Are They Safe” also provides surveillance and investigation services for child custody cases. Their private detectives can help you find court admissible evidence to prove that your children are not safe with your ex-partner. They can also provide protective surveillance if you believe you and your children may be at danger from a former partner. Their experienced ex-military and police personnel can not only track your partner but will work to keep you safe from them at all times. Living in fear of a violent ex-partner can be incredibly stressful but “Are They Safe” can provide you with peace of mind so that you can live your life.

It can be difficult to accept that someone you think you know is actually a very different person, especially when that person is close to you. Whether you suspect your partner has a dark or hidden past or that they are cheating on you, it pays to be sure. All too often women fall victim to dangerous and violent men that already had violent pasts, but didn’t know about them. This can lead to tragic consequences and all too often the true nature of their partner did not become apparent before it was too late. You can protect yourself and your family while finding the proof you need to take to court with “Are They Safe.” Save yourself and future women from these dangerous men by getting the evidence needed to put them away where they cannot harm anyone anymore.

For more information visit www.aretheysafe.co.uk  or call 020 7183 6973.