Computer Invalid System Disk Error Fix – MiniTool

It is recommended to recover lost data if you have any important files stored on the PC’s hard drive in case data loss happens while you are trying to troubleshoot invalid system disk error.

Main Reasons for “Invalid System Disk” Error in Computer

1. Corrupt boot disk.

2. The boot order is false.

3. Virus infection.

4. The boot record of system drive is corrupted.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a professional data recovery software developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., is a good option. This professional tool offers wizard-like interfaces as well as simple operations to help you easily recover data without any difficulty. More importantly, it is a read-only tool. Thus, you can use it to recover lost data without affecting the original data.

Recover Data before Fixing Invalid System Disk Error in Windows 10

As you cannot boot Windows because of the “Invalid system disk. Replace the disk, and press any key” error message, you can try using the MiniTool Power Data Recovery Bootable 7.5 to carry out data recoveryNote: Only the Deluxe and above versions offer MiniTool Bootable Media Builder, and here I take Personal Deluxe for example.

Step 1. Get MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal Deluxe, and install it on another computer.

Step 2. Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery, and then click on this icon in the bottom of the main interface to create bootable CD, DVD, or USB flash drive.

Bootable Edition

Step 3. Boot your Windows with the bootable drive to get its main interface as follows.

damaged partition recovery

Step 4. Now, select a suitable data recovery module to recover data from PC with invalid system disk error.

Step 5. After that, select the target partition and then click on Full Scan button which is located at the lower right corner to scan the entire device to find desired data.

full scan

Importance: In this window, you can click on the Settings feature to make MiniTool Power Data Recovery scan needed files only by file systems and file types. For example, if you just want to recover photos, you can only check the option “Graphics/Pictures“, click on OK button, and choose Full Scan to scan the drive containing lost data, as shown below.


Step 6. After the full scanning, you are supposed to select all needed files and then click on Save button to appoint a saving path to store them.


Note: In this window, if you do not know whether a file should be recovered, the feature Preview makes it possible to view pictures and txt. files before recovering, as shown below.


With data safely transferred, you can begin to fix invalid system disk error.

MiniTool provides quite comfortable and reliable methods to fix the issue, while there are more ways that can help you fix invalid system disk error in Windows 10/8/7 someway,  you may feel free to check and try them out.