MiniTool Solution – Fix “Hard Drive Not Showing up”

The “Hard Drive Not Showing Up” problem occurs frequently and can finally result in data loss disaster. When you plug in your external hard drive or USB devices, you may find that it is completely not recognized or showing up on your PC. Until now, Hard drive not showing up issue has made trouble for a lot of users.

The Most Common Reason Your Hard Drive Not Showing Up
  • Hard Drive Is Not Initialized
  • Hard Drive Letter Is Missing
  • Hard Drive Is Hidden
  • Hard Drive Becomes Unallocated
  • External hard Drive Is Not Recognized
  • Hard Drive Has Wrong File System
How to Recover Data from Hard Drive Not Showing Up without  Data Loss

There are different solutions to hard dive or external hard drive not showing up issue as there are so many factors can cause the problem. Although you can fix it with many solutions, the best choice is to recover data firstly. Otherwise, the original data saved on the drive which is not showing up will be lost permanently. How?

MiniTool Power Data Recovery just can help you effectively recover lost data with powerful functions.


5 different data recovery modules are listed in the main interface of this all-in-one data recovery software. Here, to recover data from hard drive not showing up, you can try using Lost Partition Recovery and Damaged Partition Recovery feature.

  • Lost Partition Recovery: is designed to recover data from lost/deleted partitions.
  • Damaged Partition Recovery: recovers data from logically damaged, formatted and RAW partitions. In general, lost files could be recovered by using this module as long as the partition exists.

Here, we take Damaged Partition Recovery for example. After selecting this module, you will see the following window.

drive not showing up

Now, select the target hard drive which is not showing up in Windows Explorer, and then click “Full Scan” button.
Note: in this window, you are able to click “Settings” to specify needed file systems as well as file types.


Finally, select all needed files, and save them. It is recommended to store needed files on another drive. Otherwise, the original data will be overwritten.
Note: if this module cannot help you to find data from drive not showing up, you can try using Lost Partition Recovery feature.

Are you still worried about the “hard drive not showing up” issue? After reading this post, I believe that you might have a basic understanding of how to fix this issue.

I’d like to stress that users should recover data from hard drive not showing up in My Computer before they deal with their hard drive.