MiniTool Power Data Recovery 8.0 to Recover Dead Hard Drive Data

Losing files or data due to computer dead, system crash or hard drive failure would cause huge loss to computer owners and users. And how to restore lost data from dead or failed computer, laptop, notebook or PC becomes a tough task for most ordinary users.

Computer crash or hard drive failure can much possibly cause files or data loss,  it can be a nightmare for most computer users as such issue cause huge loss.  It is a tough work to restore data from dead or failed computer, laptop or PC, as most of us know nothing much about how to solve it.

Luckily, there are many software that can help deal with such problem, some of them are reliable and efficient such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery V8.

Fortunately, all your questions and problems can be solved here now with professional solutions offered by EaseUS software. Here in this article, you’ll find two reliable & effective methods to restore data from dead laptop hard drive and just follow either one to get your lost data restored now.

Recover Files from Laptop Hard Drive

You can always yield twice the result with half the effort if you got a powerful utility. To make things easy, it’s recommended to get yourself a reliable tool when laptop data loss happened.

Step 1 – Choose the Correct Hard Drive Data Recovery Software License

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is always my prior choice when it comes to resolving such problems. You need to get a suitable license for MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which works well on almost all common Windows operating systems. However, if you want to recover data from MacBook hard drive, you should rely on MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Anyway, I’ll take the Windows version of software as an example in the following content.

Note: all the software licenses (except Free, Personal Standard & Business Standard) provide a snap-in WinPE Bootable Builder to help recover data from a computer that won’t boot. Besides, both Free and all the Personal Licenses don’t allow usage within a business environment. Therefore, you must choose the license you need correctly.

Step 2 – Download the Software/Buy A License

If you only need to recover files with small size from a computer that works properly, you may download the free edition now.

If you need to recover more than 1GB of data or need to recover data from a broken computer, you should choose the suitable license and pay for it. Please allow me to take Personal Deluxe as an example.

Step 3 – Install the Software and Run It

You’re advised to find another computer to get and install the software immediately after downloading/purchasing. Please keep one thing in mind: don’t write new data or install the software to the drive from which the files are lost; otherwise, secondary damage may be brought there, leading to permanent data loss.

In the last step of software installation, you can check “Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.5” and then click on “Finish” button to start hard drive data recovery by following the steps that will be given in the next part – “Recover Files from Laptop Hard Drive – Recovery Steps“.

By the way, if you need to recover data from laptop hard drive that won’t boot, you have 2 choices:

a). remove the hard drive out of the broken laptop and connect it to another computer as an external hard drive;
b). make use of the boot disk of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to access hard drive without a system.

After typing your license code into the textbox and press “Register”, you’ll just get to do the hard drive data recovery.

Step 1choose a function that is most suitable for your data loss case from the main interface. For example, “Undelete Recovery” is the most proper one for users who have questions like “how can I restore deleted files on my laptop“.

Step 2: click on the function to enter and select the target drive to scan by pressing “Scan” button or “Full Scan” button. To recover deleted files from laptop hard drive, you should select the partition that contains your deleted files and then press “Scan“.

Step 3: wait for the scan, and then look through the found files at the end of the scan to check needed ones. At last, press “Save” button, choose a safe storage path from the pop-up menu and click on “OK” to confirm your selections. (You’re not suggested to recover the files to its original partition for safety reasons)

Then wait till the laptop data recovery has been finished automatically by MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This is the entire process of how to recover deleted files from hard disk.

MiniTool provided full guides on how to recover files from laptop hard drive, it is useful to most of you, the guides had not updated to the latest version though.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery V8 has been released, the latest data recovery software brings many changes, including a brand new interface, recovery module, data scan function, supported languages and some fixed bugs. With the help of it, users can recover deleted files in Windows easily.

What’s New in MiniTool Power Data Recovery V8.0?

Brand New Interface – In V8.0, the user interface is different from its previous version, just like a new product. It is quite easy-to-use, enabling users to easily operate the file recovery without needing professional knowledge. In the design aspect, the changes include color, buttons, partition or disk layout, function modules, and some small options.

Four Recovery Modules – MiniTool Power Data Recovery Version 8.0 has four recovery modules, including This PC, Removable Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive and CD/DVD Drive.