The Best Video Calling App for Safe Communication

Written by Lucia Y.

Nothing can ever top a good old face-to-face conversation with someone.

Thanks to the Internet, we just need a smartphone to have a heartful chat with someone hundreds of miles away. But thanks to the technological progress, we also (almost) don’t have privacy anymore.

Zangi Safe Messenger is one of the few apps left that cares about your privacy. It connects you with the people you need to see, while assuring safe communication.

Zangi Private and Safe Communication.

Most messenger apps say that your files are securely stored on their servers. But can you really trust them? After so many personal info and data leakage, cyber theft, and info being sold to advertisers, who can you really trust anymore. The only way you can be legitimately secure, is when your data is never stored anywhere in a third party, in the first place.

Zangi, the best video calling app for privacy, uses a serverless concept and revolutionary technologies to truly assure that your data is safe and sound.

Your Privacy – Our priority.

Fully encrypted, your calls and messages are secured so that only you and the person you’re communicating with can listen to calls or read messages, and nobody in between, not even Zangi has any of your information.

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Other Great Features You’ll Be Getting

Video Calls with Poor Internet Speed.

You’ll be able to enjoy fast and safe communication from anywhere. With Zangi, Internet speed is irrelevant when it comes to calls, video calls or messaging. When connected, Zangi addapts even to the worst Internet.  

HD Video Calls.

Zangi video chats assure HD resolution and crystal-clear voice, every time you make a call. Look at the person in the eyes, get a sense of the colors, and listen to every tremble and excitement in their voice to truly get a feel of the conversation and to get your message across.

Clean and Uninterrupted Calls.

Zangi’s innovative technologies allow you to recover lost voice and video data. Let’s say the video call freezes while one of you were talking or moving. Once the video is back to normal, milliseconds later, the video and audio will be recovered and heard by the call receiver.

Designed for your Pocket.

With Zangi you can make up to 7-minute video calls and HD voice, consuming only 1MB of bandwidth, which is big-time saving!

Zangi Works Everywhere.

Zangi works everywhere in the world, and is not banned anywhere like many other messenger apps. In public spaces Zangi adapts to the Internet connection, while still offering HD video calls.

Want to start using the best free video chat app today? Download Zangi to connect with friends and colleagues and start chatting right away.