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If you have ever accidentally deleted a video, you know that it can be incredibly frustrating, and it’s even more frustrating when it’s something you have been working on for days or longer time. Fortunately, deleting a video may not be the end of the world.

Look in the Recycle Bin

When you delete the videos from the hard drive of your laptop, these deleted files will be moved to Recycle Bin. Before emptying the Recycle Bin, you can enter it, choose the videos you want to recover and click on “Restore” from the right-click menu to get these deleted videos back to its original location.

restore from recycle bin

But, once you empty the Recycle Bin of your laptop, you will be unable to recover these deleted videos through this way. In this situation, “how to recover permanently deleted video files from laptop” will be a case which troubles a lot of laptop users.

permanently delete

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Laptop with MiniTool

In fact, as long as the deleted videos from your laptop hard drive are not overwritten by new data, you can use a piece of dedicated video recovery software to retrieve these deleted files and MiniTool Photo Recovery is a good choice for you. So, before doing video recovery, you need to stop using your laptop to prevent these deleted videos from being overwritten.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Video Files on Laptop

After installing this software to the laptop, you should follow these steps to recover your deleted videos from the laptop hard drive:

Step 1: Open the software and you will enter its main interface as follows. Next, you need to click on “Start” button to go to the next interface.

main interface of minitool photo recovery

Step 2: Here, the software will show you the storage devices it can detect. Then, you can select the target hard drive by identifying from its “Drive” and “Capacity“. After that, you can click on “Scan” button to start the scanning process.


Step 3: It will take several minutes to finish the scanning process. When this process is finished, you will enter the scan result interface. If you choose to recover some certain types of audio/video files in the last step, this software will only show you the specified types of data. After checking the videos you want to recover, please click on “Save” button to continue.

Step 4: Then, you will see the following “Save File” window. Here, this software reminds you to save the recovered files on another path on your laptop rather than the original location. Otherwise, the lost or deleted videos could be overwritten and become unrecoverable. To choose the storage path you want to use, please click on “Browse” button.


Next, there will be another pop-out window in which you can choose a path on your laptop. Here, we select the hard drive G: as the destination location. Then, you need to click on “Select Folder” to quit this “Select Directory” window. After that, you should click on “OK” to save the selected videos on the specified path.

select folder

Step 5: You will enter a window which shows you like this: “OK! The selected files have been saved to G:\.” Here, you can click on “G:\” to enter drive G: and use the recovered video files directly.

open folder

You can see that it is very simple to recover the deleted video files from your laptop by using MiniTool Photo Recovery software.

In fact, the MiniTool team offers you some other choices to recover deleted video files from your laptop, and they are MiniTool Partition Wizard and MiniTool Power Data Recovery.  To learn about the details, read other choices to recover deleted videos.