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About Incremental Backup

Ransomware attacks always spread widely. For example, two severe ransomware in 2017 including WannaCry and Bad Rabbit brings irretrievable loss to many computer users. To avoid being the next victim, backup is the best way. Additionally, wrong operations, accident shutdown, disk failure, etc can also cause data loss or system corruption. In all these cases, a backup is still important for the restoration in the event of unexpectable things.

An incremental backup is one in which successive copies of the data contain only the portion that has changed since the preceding backup copy was made. When a full recovery is needed, the restoration process would need the last full backup plus all the incremental backups until the point of restoration.

Why Choose Incremental Backup

Unlike full backup and differential backup, this type won’t create any duplicate copies of files. This takes up the least backup storage space and minimizes the time that backup process needs. Incremental backups are often desirable as they reduce storage space usage, and are quicker to perform than differential backups.

Do Incremental Backup with MiniTool Software

To create incremental backups well, choosing a proper backup tool is required. As a complete backup solution, MiniTool ShadowMaker enables you to back up Windows operating system, partition, and disk. Meanwhile, all selected data is compressed into an image, saving much storage space.

Guide to Computer Backup

You know an incremental backup is made based on the last backup. Thus, please make sure you have created a full backup or an automatic backup in advance. If it is the first time you use MiniTool ShadowMaker Free Edition, how can you create incremental backups? Here, two ways are put forward here by this professional incremental copy software.

① Configure Incremental Backup in Manage Menu

This way demands to create a full backup or an automatic backup and then begin an incremental backup creation. More details are here.

Step 1: After double-clicking MiniTool ShadowMaker Free icon on your computer running Windows 10/8/7, the following small window will appear. Here, you need to click Connect button in the Local section to the next operation.


Step 2: Then, this Windows incremental backup software will enter the Home page. If no backup exists, this tool will prompt you to start a backup for data protection.

Step 3: Then, you will go to the Backup page. See! You are asked to choose the backup source and storage path.


  • In this interface, you can find system drives for Windows 10/8/7 to run have already been selected. Actually, MiniTool ShadowMaker Free Edition backs up Windows operating system by default.
  • To back up the entire disk or other partitions, enter the Source section, select a disk from the combo box and check the needed partitions, as shown below.

disk backup

  • Enter Destination section, and you see two types of storage paths are offered: the local backup and NAS backup.

In This Computer window, all the detected partitions are displayed. Note that you had better not back up system or disk to the partition on the source disk for a successful restoration.

backup destination

In Shared Folder window, you are allowed to input network path, user name, and password to back up your computer to NAS.

shared folder

Step 3: Click Schedule feature on the Backup page. Then, switch this feature from off to on and set a regular backup.


Step 4: After finishing all the sections, this free Windows incremental backup will go back to the Backup interface. Click Back up Now button to enter Manage page.

Step 5: Then, the backup process will be performed. After the backup is completed, just choose Incremental feature from the list menu.

② Set Incremental Backup in Backup Page

In Backup tab, you can see an option called Scheme. Click this feature and then you will find it is disabled.

Then, turn it on. By default, the Incremental backup scheme is selected. Next, click OK button to return Backup page.

Similarly, you had better make a scheduled backup so that incremental backups can be automatically made for changed files since a certain time point. After completing all the sections, please click Back up Now to continue.

If you are looking for such a piece of Windows incremental backup freeware, don’t hesitate to download it now and try it out.