The Instructions On How to Recover a Word Document with MiniTool Data Recovery

Unexpected file loss is a common problem that lots of people are facing with or have ever met. Lost Word document is a very common situation in all cases. You got two options to recover a Word document. One is to get very familiar with built-in AutoSave feature and do the recovery as Microsoft Office tells you. The other option is to recover easily and quickly with data recovery software .

Lost Word Document







Instructions on how to Recover a Word Document with Software

No matter your Word document is lost due to mistaken deletion, virus attack or any other reasons, our suggestion would be the same – choosing the professional Word recovery program called MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recover Lost Word Document Easily and Quickly with 3 steps

Step 1: install MiniTool Power Data Recovery to computer and then launch it to see the main interface. Now, you are supposed to choose one from five function modules displayed here in order to start recovering missing Word document.

Step 2: select the target partition/disk to scan by clicking on “Scan” button (in “Undelete Recovery”) or “Full Scan” button (in other modules).

Step 3: check all the Word documents you want to recover by clicking on “Save” button & choosing a storage path afterwards.

How to Recover a Word Document with AutoSave

Recover a Word Document That Was Saved Over

To recover a Word document that was saved over, you need to rely on following tips:

Click “File” button in the upper left corner.

At this time, you’ll see “Info” is chosen by default and three options are provided – “Permissions”, “Prepare for Sharing” and “Versions”. All automatically saved versions of current Word document are displayed in order according to saving time.

Now, you need to click the certain version to open it in a new window, in which you can choose to “Compare” it with current version or just “Restore” it.

Certainly, you can also go to find the automatically saved versions in computer by resorting to the “AutoRecover file location” and then double click on the certain version to open and restore it.

Recover a Word Document That Is Not Saved

The situation seems getting worse if you close a document, in which many changes have been made, without saving. This is because you could not find the previous automatically saved versions by clicking “File” -> “Info”. How to recover unsaved word document?

Well, you can still go to “AutoRecover file location” to check and recover the needed version.

If you can’t remember or don’t know the exact file location for AutoSaved Word document versions, you can go to see it as we said before:

Open any Word document on your computer

Click “File”, “Options” and “Save” to find out.

After that, go to the certain folder and start to search for the desired Word document version. Generally, the AutoSaved Word document files will be stored in computer with a name formed by your original file name, “Unsaved” and some special symbols and numbers (see picture below). Besides, this file is read-only and saved as an ASD file.

When you finally find your needed document, just double click it to open in Microsoft Office Word. Now, you’re given the choices of “Compare” and “Restore”; just click “Restore” to recover the unsaved Word document version and then it will replace the current version of that document.

In summary, both MiniTool Power Data Recovery software and the built-in AutoSave function can be your lifesaver. They can help you regain lost document in most of the case. What you should do is choosing the proper method according to your actual situation, and then follow the instructions we give above to complete recovery work easily and rapidly.