How to choose the most appropriate SEO rates and what aspects influence the price?

It is globally known that having SEO positioning services is essential for any project within the digital field. In an agency like ours, we often find it difficult to explain to clients the tasks of organic positioning that are carried out when it comes to justifying our SEO rates, since the results will be abstract. Let’s try to shed some light on this topic.

What SEO budget should I dedicate to my project?

Nowadays, we find that any type of business has a place in the network, either exclusively online or as the virtual reinforcement of a physical company. In order to be able to stand out in the digital vortex, it is more than necessary to gain the best positions to be able to represent purchase options for users.

Not all clients understand what types of jobs they are talking about when it comes to the topic of organic search engine positioning. When not knowing the techniques that are applied, the tools that are used or the effort involved in achieving some goals, it is normal that they do not understand the SEO rates that are applied and, above all, that the results will not be appreciated from the first day. For you living in Miami, you can try Miami SEO to get affordable rates.

To determine the SEO budget necessary for each project, we must take into account different factors:

Antiquity of the project: with this we mean that, as is logical, a newly created web page will require facing higher SEO rates in order to have a solid base that ensures a strengthened growth. It is assumed that websites with a certain track record will have fewer aspects to optimize and investment in SEO services will not have to be very high. 

SEO rates

Seasonality of the product or service: there are few customers who request to have an excellent web positioning for a certain keyword next month, since it is the strongest for their type of business. It is very good that SEO has been valued, but no matter how much budget is allocated, miracles will not be achieved in a month. In this type of case, the SEO positioning service must be started at least six months before the company’s strong season and with a notable investment that allows to reap rewards.

Level of competence: not all sectors are betting in the same way for the digital domain

Depending on the industry or niche that we find there will be more or less competition, so the efforts to position relevant keywords for the company can be very high and, therefore, the SEO budget necessary to highlight will be consistent.

Existence of penalties: websites may have penalties for dubious practices or for being linked from pages considered spam that will generate many problems to be able to give positive SEO positioning results. When setting an SEO rate for this type of project, you can even reach the conclusion that it is more appropriate to start the website from scratch.