How to Buy a Gaming Laptop? 5 Step To Follow

The best gaming laptop will give you the quality of games you deserve. If you need to buy one, gets the facts right and go for quality and performance.

What is a gaming Laptop?

A gaming laptop is the normal personal computer, but it has been designed in such a way that it can play computer video games. With this in mind, it has a slight difference with the lap tops used for official work because of the high cooling mechanism.

This is due to the speed it uses when playing the video games and as such, it is designed to be in a position to withstand the high heat levels experienced while playing.

More often you will find that the new technology has come up with many accessories for playing games including the tablets and high-end smartphones, but all these cannot meet the quality of the best gaming laptops.

Below is a guide on How to Buy a Gaming Laptop

  1. The graphics

This is about the image quality. Gamers will for sure tell you how fun it is if the resolution is excellent. It produces images the way they should be, and one can play the whole day long as it looks more like a live game than a video. The resolution specs for a 14-inch to the 15-inch system should have a display of 1600*900. To start you off, one of the best gaming laptop with the AMD graphic cards is the 7730M model, and it works perfectly well. It’s therefore important to ensure that the laptop has good graphics card.

  1. RAM- Ensure that your gaming laptop has a RAM of 8GB or above. Less than this memory will not give you the performance that you need to keep your energy up at all times.

Do not accept however much the persuasion is to go for it.

  1. Processor– The processor is a significant component of a laptop, and it controls the speed of the computer which is the core mandate when it comes to playing games.  

Should be good and among the best-suited ones are manufactured by Intel, the recent generation being the Coffee lake CPU which has great performance.

However they are more expensive than other companies, but it all depends on your pocket size. AMD processors still have good quality and less costly.

  1. Hard drive– The hard drive should have enough space bearing in mind that you cannot add any hard drives in the laptop once the inbuilt one is full. If not large enough, it will slow down the laptop and will end up not playing the games perfectly.
  2. GuaranteeGo for the best gaming laptops that offer guarantee possibly for three years and over, with this, you will get extended service for any software breakdown, and in the process, you will still learn it and understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Dell manufactures have a warranty of 3 years.  I would recommend to buy this laptop and test its performance. It’s excellent in performance and reputable in the industry. 


Depending on the budget you have allocated for the best gaming laptop, go for the best brand with enough storage and user-friendly hardware such as the keyboard, and you will play the games to the next level of satisfaction.