Fix “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” Error with Ease

Reboot and select proper boot device” is almost a common error that haunts all version of the Windows OS. In all cases, this error shows up whenever an affected user boots their computer up and does not allow them to boot into their Operating System regardless of how many times they try to do so. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions that have worked for countless Windows users who have been affected by this problem in the past and are worth giving a shot if you can now be counted among the many that have experienced the perils of this issue.

In this post, we’ll show you what could result in “Reboot and Select proper Boot device” error along with effective solutions.

Causes for “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” Error

Both physical and logical factors could generate this error.

Physical Causes:
  • BIOS doesn’t detect your boot disk due to a faulty cable, damaged SATA slot, or dead hard drive.
  • BIOS detects the boot disk but it isn’t connected properly.
  • The boot disk has been damaged or failed. If it is an old disk, take this factor into consideration.
Logical Causes:
  • Set wrong partition active or there is no active partition. The partition saving Windows boot files should be the very active partition. If not, Windows will be unbootable.
  • Master Boot Record (MBR) is damaged or corrupted.
  • Wrong boot sequence in BIOS.
  • Boot files get lost or corrupted.
  • Operating system on boot disk corrupted.

These are all possible causes we found, which could guide us to fix the issue.

Of course, there might be other causes for this error. If you find one, please share it so as to help more people. Posting the solution is much better.

How to Quickly Fix “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” Error with Software

With knowing the exact cause for this error, we could take the corresponding measure, but it’s not easy for most people to find the exact cause from all possible causes. Therefore, users need to do a lot of attempts.

Luckily, the following tutorial shows what attempts should be done at first. In addition, aiming at different users, it gives different solutions. All these could help you save much time.

Most people used to fix the error with Windows built-in programs, and there are two circumstances in doing this:

1. Check Whether The Boot Drive Is Detected by BIOS or Not

2. Check Boot Order in BIOS

To view the detailed solutions, Please visit MiniTool website and the support center.

solution 3 Set Correct Partition Active (Recommended for Legacy BIOS Users)

To make things easy, and to save you some trouble and time, we strongly recommend you to fix the “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device” error with MiniTool Partition Wizard. Which can help you set active partition correctly.

Download, install, and register the program on another computer to get the main window below:

Here, please choose Bootable Media icon on the top right corner, and then you’ll get the following window:

At this time, please view the post How to Build Boot CD/DVD Discs and Boot Flash Drive with Bootable Media Builder and follow instructions to create a bootable disc.

Then, start the unbootable computer from the created bootable disc to get the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard:

Generally, the partition storing Windows boot files should be set active, and it is always the system reserved partition. However, if you install Windows to an appointed partition, there will be no system reserved partition, and your C drive should be set active.

Therefore, you need to view status of each partition to see whether there is an active partition already. If not, select the system reserved partition or C drive and choose “Set Active” feature. However, if a wrong partition is set active, you’ll need to set this wrong partition inactive at first, and then set the correct partition active. At last, click “Apply” button to make all changes performed.

After that, you can quit from MiniTool Partition Wizard Boot Disc to reboot Windows, but we highly suggest fixing MBR at the same time since this program is capable of rebuilding MBR, too.

Now, it’s time to try these methods out.