What is CBD Drip?

What is CBD Drip?

The word “drip” is a descriptive word that was introduced more recently as the liquid used to put inside a vape pen.  While CBD extracted from a marijuana plant is illegal, CBD extracted from a hemp plant is perfectly allowed.  CBD drip is a hemp oil concentrate that is aimed to enable the user to “drip” it into their vape juice in order to receive the health benefits of CBD more quickly.

In laments terms, CBD drip is concentrated cannabidiol oil that is added to e-liquid to be inhaled and consumed through vaping.

The Benefits Of CBD Drip

Studies show that CBD drip or “smoking CBD” provides the user with a calming and relaxing sensation.  CBD is even preferred by most adults and family members in a comparison to marijuana because CBD drip provides a safer and easier way to inhale the health benefits of cannabis without causing a high feeling.  Additionally, cannabidiol has been shown through several medical studies that it reduces the symptoms of anxiety, pain, sleep disorders, and inflammation.  Furthermore, while more studies are absolutely needed to confirm the following, some scientists have commented on CBD’s antioxidant properties to be able to prevent cellular damage.


More “Pro’s” & Less Con’s

Unlike a side effect of vaping or smoking THC, CBD drip does not result in the undesirable paranoia, drowsiness, and lethargic feelings.  When a user adds CBD to their vape juice, unless specified otherwise, it will not contain nicotine either!  This is huge considering all the negatives and warnings of smoking nicotine.

Since CBD drip generally uses highly concentrated hemp oils as the additive, the user only needs a couple drops in order to achieve the desired health effects.  CBD products are under going extreme surveillance since it was added to the Schedule 1 Drug List, but this simply further guarantee’s the user or buyer that the reputable retailer they are buying from will only offer a hemp based, CBD drip product that will not only be effective, but very safe as well.

What Does The FDA Say?

Currently, the FDA has yet to claim or verify that CBD is a diagnosis, treatment, cure, or a prevention product of any specific illness. With that said, many doctors have gone on record and multiple users of CBD around the world have publicly stated its effectiveness in alleviating and reducing pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and inflammation.  Not a single danger has been associated with consuming CBD, which has resulted in CBD drip exploding in popularity over the last 6-8 months.