TellFree Selects SwitchRTC for Providing Enterprise Video UC & Collaboration Services


SwitchRTC Announces Video UC Program for Service Providers Creating a Fast Track to Video and Collaboration Services

Hod HaSharon, Israel, May 24, 2017 – SwitchRTC, the WebRTC based Cloud Native Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) for large scale real-time WebRTC video broadcasting and multiparty, announced today a program for UC service providers offering them a fast track to launching video UC and collaboration services for their SMB and enterprise customers. The SwitchRTC video UC program for service providers is optionally offered in conjunction with the previously announced SwitchRTC Technology Circle partner program as means for accelerating custom development and time to market of UC video and collaboration services.

TellFree, a voice UC service provider offering hosted PBX services to businesses in Brazil, selected SwitchRTC and joined the SwitchRTC video UC program for launching video and collaboration services to its customers. TellFree will utilize the SwitchRTC servers and client solutions for integrating video and collaboration services with its existing applications and management tools.

“TellFree is a great example of the growing demand coming from local UC service providers to enhance their current voice offering with value added services for reducing churn and increasing their business services revenue,” said SwitchRTC CEO & Co-founder Amir Zmora. “The SwitchRTC video UC program for service providers comes to answer this need by offering service providers a cost effective and fast track to service by only being required to modify the SwitchRTC client application and interface with the SwitchRTC REST APIs for user management and policy enforcement.”

“We have looked at several options and found SwitchRTC to be of high quality and easy to use for quickly launching our service,” said TellFree Founder and CEO Daniel Duarte Filho. “The fact that SwitchRTC comes with a client side application we can easily customize by simple Web development efforts and since SwitchRTC was built in a scalable architecture with a lot of flexibility in deployment and management making it a future proof solution, were some of our decision points for selecting SwitchRTC.”

Service providers looking to add video and collaboration services to their offering should contact SwitchRTC for gaining access to the system.

About SwitchRTC

SwitchRTC is a solution for real-time distribution of video to a large audience. SwitchRTC servers both video CDN (WebRTC CDN) as well as large scale multiparty video for enterprise and consumer services.

Built based on and for WebRTC, SwitchRTC was designed as a Cloud Native solution in a decomposed architecture with a 1-to-n relationship between the signaling and media servers, allowing for dynamic scaling and geographical load distribution as servers may run in different physical locations.

The SwitchRTC geographically distributed SFU cluster was designed to power large scale real-time video broadcasting services.

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