One of the fastest growing Directors of 2018 Vashmere Valentine

Vashmere Valentine is an American Film Director, Screenwriter, and Philanthropist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was born on December 24, 1979, and is considered one of the most notable up and rising film directors of the present times. Starting his career as a professional actor and a highly imaginative screenwriter at the age of twenty, Vashmere Valentine has had many successful ventures in the field of acting in the Independent Film industry.  He has also acted in several commercials and hosted a few amateur productions. He started his career as an actor,  writer and director, showcasing his skills in multiple films, commercials, short films, and music videos. The fantasy short movie “The Wish and The Wisp” would be his most notable film and quickly brought Vashmere into the spotlight and established him as an up-and-coming film director to be watched. Another remarkable upcoming film project by Vashmere Valentine is the feature horror film titled ‘The Death App’.

Early Life and Personal Inforimation

Vashmere Valentine was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Being of an artistic and creative mind, he was an outstanding student in his early educational life in the field of arts and music. He went to Overbook Regional High School in Pine Hill New Jersey where he established his recognition as a hard core and multi-talented young artist by taking up extra drama classes, doing the morning news casting and participating actively in school plays. His parents always found him more deeply involved in the performing arts and drama activities than in science class. When he started his career as an actor in Philadelphia, he was hailed as one of the most talented and renowned actors of Philadelphia.  He was chosen by comedian and actor Chris Rock to read over the first script of the film ‘Head of State” with him.

Career Information

Vashmere Valentine  kick-started his career as a professional actor and worked for three years in a large number of tv commercials, as well as, making appearances in popular tv shows like Law and Order and MTV. His acting career helped improve his knowledge and expertise so that he finally decided his next step was to go behind the camera and become a film director.

He attended AIU University in Atlanta GA where he absorbed the art of film direction under the supervision of his mentor, Jason Rodgers. His remarkable talent in the field of film direction brought him in the limelight within a few years and has established his reputation from a highly commendable newcomer to the strongly impressive and expert filmmaker within a short span of time. He has directed many famous TV commercials and flown out to NY to shoot three music videos for the music company Angels like Rebels, Inc. His recent venture is a short fantasy film entitled ‘The Wish and The Wisp.’ This independent film has officially increased his recognition as one of the most talented and sought-after young and upcoming film directors. Based on the popular fantasy films of the past, ‘The Wish and The Wisp’ explicitly exhibits the skilled and visionary direction of Vashmere Valentine and has earned a lot of fame for him as well.  This film is making its way around the film circuit globally and and will certainly be making him one of the most acclaimed rising filmmakers of modern times.


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