Novel Upon Broken Wings – Pain, Grief, and Teen Struggles

Cedar Rapids, 1st June 2018 – Upon Broken Wings is a contemporary must read for all young adults especially the ones struggling with social acceptance. In a well-orchestrated fictional novel, writers Reedy and Wade portray the state of desolation that teenagers and YAs go through in attempt to fit into the society. The writers successfully endeavor to portray that society can be cold and uncertain especially to teenagers with diverse socially stigmatizing conditions.

The social acceptance of GLBT and autistic teenagers is brought into question in the novel. With the vivid setting of a fictionalized small town in Iowa, the novelists reveal the conditions that lead to suicide attempts among autistic and GLBT YAs and teenagers. Upon Broken Wings shows how a freshman autistic teenager of 14 years, Andrew, must encourage Kiernan, also 14 years, to choose to live after a botched suicide. Kiernan, who has been condemned and assaulted by a group of bullies for being gay, thought committing suicide the best way out. Before doing so, however, Andrew must first understand that he, himself, is already dead and what lead to their unfortunate, intertwined situation.

Writers Reedy and Wade believe that this eBook is the perfect piece of information for teenagers and YA facing similar situations. The book is also useful for parents of teenagers with the above conditions and any other persons interested in understanding the plight of suicide committing teenagers. Published as an eBook in April 20th, 2018, Kindle and print versions of Upon Broken Wings are readily accessible for purchase at Amazon, and the ebook can be found at Barnes and Nobles, Evernight Teen, Goodreads, and Smashwords. Due to its highly controversial scope, Upon Broken Wings has already received a 4.57-star rating at Goodreads.

To learn more about this new YA sensational novel, be sure to visit Reedy and Wade’s website at of light and shadow. Here, readers are treated to a synopsis of the novel, the novel’s trailer and a chance to comment on their take of the novel Upon Broken Wings


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