How to ensure robust career in IoT by 2025?

About $6 billion will be invested into IoT globally in the period 2016-2021 and that will generate about $13 trillion by 2025. The ROI will be around 200000% a staggering 2000 times on capital invested. That should get you thinking about the huge importance of IoT in the coming times. Job opportunities in the IoT market are now like mushrooms – rarer to spot. But as the industry will scale up high to that level of growth so will job opportunities also increase proportional to the growth of IoT industry.

But how can one hope not just to survive but to thrive in the IoT field? The answer is to familiarize oneself with core IoT concepts now itself and secure a job in an IoT role. When the market expands massively then they will have a compounded advantage in their IoT role. This is evident in the software market as of now. In the early start of this millennium those who joined in as software engineers enjoy reputable positions now. The condition is in stark contrast to the freshers who aspire for software jobs and it needn’t be said how difficult their journey is. You can skip all the hardships of today’s graduates and opt for Intellipaat’s IoT training. Following their training earnestly will land a befitting job for you in the IoT market.

It would be erroneous to identify IoT as a stand-alone industry without any dependencies. And those who have knowledge in these below areas will surely have a place in IoT companies.

Big data analytics – Cisco estimates that IoT will generate about 400 ZB (zettabytes) of data by 2018. This huge data obviously needs big data to process them efficiently and garner insights from it. There is huge demand for analytics professionals of both structured and unstructured data in the IoT world. The structured data comes from specialised sensors that send the values along with the identifiers of the data.

Networks – IoT can be conceptualised as a complicated system of connected gadgets and objects that doesn’t make sense it isn’t properly implemented. In the future there will definitively be various kinds of network setups of sensors and transmitters in the same IoT system itself. The current networking setup in IT industries is nothing compared to how complex the IoT networks will be. New internet protocols are being incepted to make them work with low power sensors and devices. Therefore, networking specialists ought to indulge themselves in the design of the IoT network architecture.

Security – With the huge sensor and device implementation the IoT security personnel’s work in improving security against malicious outsiders has increased tremendously. Cyber security professionals therefore have to ramp the security of the IoT systems and they will be in huge demand. Key skills needed in this area are public key encryption security, wireless network security, vulnerability analysis and risk identification.

Device and hardware – IoT hardware engineers are in demand who put together large number of sensors and transmitters. Those hardware engineers who can work with newer sensors and devices that use less power and are highly efficient will be a need for IoT companies. Also, experts also need to be able to implement Wifi, Bluetooth and other connectivity solutions. They should also be in good working relationship with manufacturing and planning teams.

Mobile and UI development – It is a clear known fact that those applications that are not mobile friendly will simply won’t have a future. Everything should be connected in IoT including smartphones and IoT devices. Competent UI and UI designs require devices to have a boosted performance in the IoT world.


IoT is therefore not a standalone industry in itself and just like the IT industry work relies on other industries. It may also face ups and downs which the IT industry is facing. IoT will be at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution along with AI. Full stack developers in IoT who will know about both the front end and back end will be very much in demand along with cloud, security architects in IoT. Those who are keen on having a promising career in the IT industry and are blessed with considerable forethought won’t ignore the IoT boom.

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