How to date beautiful women – 5 facts you must know


Dating is fun. We all have our ideas and we all want to date a gorgeous people. Then there are some who only want beautiful women to date. This article is all about how you can date beautiful women and be a heartthrob around them.

Respect them

All women want respect. This is something that they want irrespective of their looks. Hence, if you want to date someone with the looks too, show her respect and gain her attention. This is the number one thing that women notice in men that how much they give respect and courteous they are.

They come with an intellect

Beauty comes with brains. Do not think that they are just beautiful, she has a brain too. Praise her for her intellect.


It is quite normal that men go all conscious in the company of beautiful women. Well, no need to get all confused. Relax and you will have more fun and she will like you more.

Don’t ignore the looks

You are attracted to her for her looks, admit it. You might as well praise her for this. This does not mean that you repeatedly just praise her looks, but telling her how beautiful she is will always have a good impact on her. No woman, no matter how much she knows how beautiful she is, will ever let praise go down the drain. She will like you more when you will pay compliments to her looks.

Be yourself

There is nothing more charming for a lady than a guy being himself. Believe me, women have a very great sixth sense and they always tend to know when you are putting up a show to please her. Do not do that.


First dates are always the most crucial

This is because it is all about creating a good impression on the women. Just as women spend hours deciding what to wear on their first date, men should also spend at least some time to decide what should they wear.


This is because it is important that you are dressed in a presentable manner

Men who are dressed well look more attractive and the chances of a second date also increase. Moreover, do not overdress. You are going on a date and not on a formal gathering. It will also make your personality look a bit too formal that will deduct points on your attractiveness. It is important that you dress according to the venue.

Dressing well is important because it reflects a lot about your personality

It lets the woman know how your social skills are what taste do you have. Your dress is the mirror of your personality. Therefore, make sure that you dress according to your personality. Contrast is the key. Women like it when a man has a good sense of what colors goes well together. Wearing all white is not such a good option. Play with colors but select something that has a touch of elegance and class. Your clothing should bring out your masculinity and makes you more attractive and irresistible in the eyes of the women.

Keep in mind that as soon as you will appear in front of her, she will start making mental notes about your personality and would have already decided whether she wants a second date with you or not. Even before you have said a proper greeting. Therefore, select your wardrobe carefully!

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