GLITZKOIN Launches ICO, Budget Priced To Allow Maximum Participation

The ICO Token Sale launch for the GLITZKOIN crypto currency is on. As expected the issue has attracted wide participation from the crypto world and the diamond industry. The strong project plan is poised to bring the first major improvement, in the way the diamond industry has operated for decades.

Unlike other crypto tokens that are focused on building an exclusive and elite membership with their sky high prices, GLITZKOIN is focused on allowing participation to a large base of interested audience. The token price at this point has been pegged at an extremely modest 0.12 USD. You can pay for the GLITZKOIN token purchase by, using Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) or Stellar (XLM). The minimum buy amount is just 100 U.S$.

Back to the diamond industry where, the supply chain has always been dominated by brokers and middlemen. Buyers never really know the true owner of the diamonds being negotiated, sellers never get a chance to gauge the mindset of the actual buyer.  A lengthy supply chain implies price cloaking by the addition of multiple broker fees and margins. Manually kept documentation is time and labor intensive, room for errors and suspect transaction abounds.

The GLITZKOIN diamond blockchain developed on the Stellar network, will allow diamond sellers both, big and small to list their diamonds on the blockchain. Diamonds will need to be certified from a specified group of reputed diamond testing laboratories. Information once listed will form a permanent record and no changes will be allowed. The selling price for each item listed, will need to be clearly specified by the seller.

A buyer could be a professional diamond expert or a novice, he or she would be connected directly to the seller – no middlemen, no shrouded prices and no need to haggle and bargain. In the current trading process, paying for a diamond purchase can involve significant bank fees and currency conversion expenses.

Using the crypto currency launched within the GLITZKOIN project, a diamond buyer could conveniently settle payment without being, stressed with currency conversion and cumbersome bank processes and charges.

Given the innovative nature of the GLITZKOIN project, we envisage impressive support for the ongoing ICO Token Sale. We invite you to review more details on the project plan at You are welcome to participate in one of the most interesting and promising ICO launches in recent times.