Drift to Sleep Ear Plugs Moldex, 20 Pairs are available on Amazon.com

Drift to Sleep’s offering of ear plugs is 20 pairs of Soft foam disposable earplugs that adjust to most size ear canals. It comes in a gift ready Purple box along with a handy plastic pocket pack for hygienic storage of ear plugs when not in use. Tapered for a snug fit while gently conforming to the ear canal. Non-irritating smooth surface. MADE IN USA Highest Independently tested NRR 33. 20 Pairs value priced. Extra-soft, lightweight foam for all day comfort.

Ear plugs block out noise allowing a person gets a good night’s sleep. Sleep is essential to mental health and a good night’s rest. Ear plugs protect hearing and improve quality of life. Earplugs help with a partner who snores. Earplugs, helps students who need to concentrate on studies but are distracted by surrounding noises. They are especially useful when travelling in a car or plane. Drift to Sleep’s earplugs are useful in blocking out construction or traffic sounds.

Drift to Sleep offers a no-quibble, money-back guarantee if customers are not 100 percent satisfied with their purchase of Drift to Sleep 20 Pairs of Earplugs which are available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Drift-Sleep-Plugs-Moldex-Pairs/dp/B00VTID4KK/ref=

More information can be found on their Website www.drifttosleep.com

Chris Smith
Drift to Sleep