Crypto Feast, Reminiscing Alliance Capitals 2018 Japan Osaka Carnival

Crypto Feast, Reminiscing Alliance Capitals 2018 Japan Osaka Carnival

The perfect convergent of innovative and creative ideas, the ingenious fusion of team’s fighting spirit and individual perseverance, the harmony between science and technology, and the exciting and wonderful lucky draws. On 8th May 2018, thousands of honourable guests, corporate leaders, business associates and partners who attended Alliance Capitals 2018 Japan Osaka Gala Dinner were inspired   and empowered by the motivated speeches and earnest sharing by both the senior management of Alliance Capitals and business leaders alike. The subsequent lucky draws with fabulous prizes had certainly brought the atmosphere to its crescendo.

Alliance Capitals provides global users with encrypted digital currency asset services. The core management team are from world renowned corporations and monitors the cryptocurrencies market closely. Alliance Capitals is committed to the education of rational investment in the cryptocurrencies market.

The gala dinner was resplendent and lively, the high-spirited management team accompanied by cryptocurrency advocates, business partners and leaders, blockchain pioneers and experts, media representatives, elites from various sectors spent a memorable evening together with wine and sumptuous foods under a radiant night of starry enthusiasm.

 At the gala dinner, the CEO of Alliance Capitals stated in his speech that blockchain technology is the basic technical support for the production of digital currency, it changes the financial system of the entire Internet. It allows people to trust and cooperate with one another and the countries around the world to communicate seamlessly. It allows the real convergence between all the countries in the world into one single universe. He generously shared with the distinguished guests his knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrency. He highlighted the unique selling propositions of the group’s business model and multiple trading platforms. Last but not least he commended the hardworking colleagues of Alliance Capitals and thank all the partners, leaders and business associates for put their trust and believe in the company. Members of the audiences were visibly impassioned and motivated by the CEO’s powerful and inspiring speech.

 Alliance Capitals is the benchmark for blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship. It always emphasise the importance of innovation and technology as its development mission. The global user-encrypted cryptocurrencies assets services provided by the company have a risk-free return, a steady and continuous increase in assets had gained a high degree of trust from clients through the words of mouth. In the next step, Alliance Capitals will continue to work closely with more domestic and foreign industry partners to effectively link the cooperation resources of major companies and provide five-star currency asset trading services. This will make Alliance Capitals the most active and dazzling technology company in the development of Internet finance technology.

As a new technology startup “RapidzPay” is honored to receive investment from the Alliance Capitals. The investment will allow RapidzPay to develop rapidly. The encrypted digital currency RAPIDZ (“RapidzPay”) released by “RapidzPay” makes it extremely easy for people to pay. Simply download the app from your mobile phone and you will be able to interact with “RapidzPay”. By building the payment Eco system, RAPIDZ our daily lives such as shopping, eating, watching movies, recharging telephone charges, travel, financial management, etc., more convenient and better.

At the gala dinner, the highlight of the night was the signing of contract with Master Card. After several rounds of detailed discussions, iPay’s MasterCard payment platform decided to work with “RapidzPay” allowing RAPIDZ to recharge to MasterCard.

As the world know, MasterCard Payments is the world’s leading payment platform with a wide range of applications and can be used for credit/debit card payment in more than 210 countries and regions around the world. iPay values the rapid development of RAPIDZ as an innovative content in the field of cryptocurrency. This technology that leverage on blockchain methodology has made payment methods become extremely fast, easy and secure. The powerful cooperation between RAPIDZ and MasterCard’s payment platform will create a more convenient and efficient financial payment environment. This was indeed a great cooperation full with enthusiasm and optimism.

At the gala dinner, the grand finale and the most eagerly anticipated was the lucky draws. With expensive timepieces such as Rolex, Cartier and automobile masterpiece like Maserati, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, all the guests were hoping that Lady Luck will be with them. With each and every draw the cheering was deafening and the atmosphere was at its fever pitch. The valuable prizes highlighted the strength of the company and its appreciation for the supports it had received. However, everyone was a winner that night they leave the gala dinner full of optimism, enthusiasm, motivated, inspired and were confident of scaling new heights in the very near future.