7 Signs She’s Getting Ready to Break Up with You

A lot of guys that get dumped will lament that they never saw it coming, but in most cases there were probably signs that she was getting ready to call it off long before she did. Women can be tricky and hard to read, so it’s not surprising that a lot of guys miss these signs. You may not want to see the signs, but to avoid being sucker-punched by a breakup you didn’t see coming, the signs she’s getting ready to break up with you are a must-know, especially if your relationship has been on rocky ground.

The following are 7 signs that she may be getting ready to dump you.

  1. She’s spending less time with you and keeps finding reasons to not see you. Even if these reasons seem legit, if it happens consistently then she is trying to distance herself from you as she prepares to move on.
  2. She’s less affectionate in every way. This isn’t just about sex; it also includes not wanting to hold your hand or kiss you like she once did.
  3. Talk of your future together has stopped. If you notice that her talk of future plans doesn’t seem to include you anymore, then a breakup is definitely on the horizon.
  4. She keeps picking fights. This is a way of trying to find a reason—any reason—to be angry with you. It’s usually done out of a combination of guilt and as a way to justify the breakup that she’s contemplating.
  5. She’s not happy to see you anymore. If she doesn’t seem to enjoy your company like she used to and isn’t as happy when you’re together as she once was, then there’s big trouble in paradise and she’s probably not going to stick around much longer.
  6. She stops going out with your friends and family. A woman that’s ready to leave isn’t going to have any interest in hanging with your group of friends or spending time with your family. The same goes for important events like work functions. She won’t be willing to play the happy girlfriend if she’s not happy anymore.

What You Can Do

If you notice any of these signs, then it’s time to take a serious look at your relationship and try to identify anything that you might have done to set her on this path. Spotting the signs early can give you the chance to make some changes in the relationship and give you the opportunity to find out why she’s not happy anymore and see if it’s something that you can, or even want, to work on. Use these signs to your advantage so that you can nip things in the bud and save the relationship or beat her to the punch and end things if it’s not worth saving.

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