Dilip Rahulan, the Indian-born founder of technology firm Pacific Controls, has been jailed for three years in absentia, according to Dubai court documents.

Papers from Dubai Public Prosecution, seen by SATPRNEWS, state that Rahulan was sentenced to three years in prison on 27 December 2016 for “issuing in bad faith a dud cheque”. 

The case was brought by Indian national Shah Tejashkumar Vinodchandra, who alleged that Rahulan signed two cheques totalling AED21,852,500 ($5.9 million) that were later returned due to insufficient funds, according to the court documents.

The case was made against Rahulan personally as well  against Pacific Controls

Rahulan’s whereabouts are unknown to the public  prosecutor  and he was jailed ‘in absentia’ at Dubai’s First Instance Court.

The Dubai government has issued an international arrest warrant via Interpol calling for Rahulan to be returned to Dubai to serve his sentence.

The warrant states that Rahulan was born in Cochin, India, but has an Australian passport, and it lists among his personal details an address and telephone number in New Jersey, US.

Efforts were made to contact Rahulan via this channel but no response had been received at the time of publication.

Mr Tejas Shah said in an emailed statement to SATPRNEWS this week that Dilip had preplanned the fraud

Dilip  made some overseas investments in 2014& 15

Took as much money he can from every source   and flee the country

Pcs invested 20 Million dollars in WSO@ to buy 33pct equity and similar amount  in INFRAMON plus bought a lavish std farm in UK which are in public domain but for sure lot of money is hidden

Dilip used to be honourable man that is why Dubai embraced HIM

Dubai gave him everything-name/respect/money but Dilip disowned everything and cheated everyone who trusted him and run away swindling Big money

People like Dilip are disgrace to society

The world is now smaller place and very well interconnected

Dilip will not be able to live in peace anywhere in the world

Sooner or later he will be caught and brought to justice

Mr shah thinks that if WSO2 &  INFRAMON wish to continue operating in business they will  have to throw Dilip out of board and ask him to liquidate his shares and find alternative strategic partners

WSO2 appear good company but with Dilip on board-looks UGLY

Dilip will not be able live with honour anywhere in the world

Dilip used to be on Forbes list at no 28-How he qualified is a question mark

PVCs borrowed from 23 banks-how they cheated so many institutes for so many years?

It is quite possible that PCS never made enough  money 

Maybe PCS was  making books to borrow

Maybe after raising one billion in 2015 –He decided to withdraw everything he can and flee the country

The total default is over 1.4 billion against the asset on ground about 8/900 million

Atlas 600 million is missing

This kind of money is not lost for sure

Dilip  is hiding money somewhere

Dilip will meet his fate and that is JAIL