Space tourism becoming more technology savvy

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It is a dream for any tourist to view the Earth from above. Initially, you will be able to witness the curvature of the Earth, and then you will be able to experience the thin atmosphere that makes all the human beings alive on the Earth.

When tourists cross the daylight side of the Earth, they can see the vast landscape on the earth such mountains, valleys under you. As you orbit around the planet, the night falls and the light os the city turn on. At this time you will be able to the human landscape on the earth.

It is because of this excitement that the space companies are trying to build rockets to take the tourists on a voyage to space. The private companies are heating up the demand to such an extent regarding the space tourism that even the cheapest of the tickets are soaring high and thereby making it impossible for the ordinary to afford such an extravaganza.

In this particular situation, two UK based company have joined the race to provide this space tourism experience to all virtually. However, the keyword that lies

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