SpaceX and Tesla join hands to create new materials


Elon Musk has been trying from the very beginning to coordinate between the affairs of his two highly unrelated companies, SpaceX and Tesla. The CEO might have just found a solution to his problems. He now has plans to combine the efforts of both the companies to create new materials that could be used for both electric cars and also be used as a renewable source on Earth, in space as well as in spacecraft and on rockets. Both SpaceX, as well as Tesla, are trying to build a material engineering team to develop new and advanced materials which will be complimentary for both the companies. 

The phenomenon started two years ago when in a report it was mentioned that Musk had hired Apple’s alloy expert Charles Kuehmann to head the materials engineering department for both of the companies simultaneously. Kuehmann has a Ph.D. degree in materials science & Engineering which he obtained from the North Western University in 1994. He thereafter founded the company known as Questek after two years with four of his colleagues for computational material design. At QuesTek, he invented various new engineering materials,

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