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The Rewarding Teams. Lessons from the Trenches Report has been published. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of industries from Business, Business and Finance, Management Markets.

Work teams have become an essential part of business in almost every industry, yet most companies still rely on outmoded compensation systems geared only to individual performance. Rewarding Teams is a resource for managers on the front lines who are looking for practical advice about how to design and implement team–oriented incentives, rewards, and recognition systems that will advance their organization′s cultural and strategic objectives.

The authors identify the three most important reward systems for teams––recognition plans, project team incentives, and organizational unit incentives––and provide numerous examples of how today′s top companies are using them to spur the development and success of their work teams.

Twenty–seven case studies from organizations including Chase Manhattan, Ralston Purina, Lotus Development, Bayer, and Rockwell Automation describe in detail how each company designed and implemented their systems. These case studies show readers how to handle a variety of difficult issues such as whether to use cash or non–cash rewards, dealing with team members who don′t pull their weight, combining plans for maximum impact, and communicating clearly about compensation. The authors summarize key solutions from all the case studies in the book′s closing chapter.

By shining a light on struggles, successes, and lessons learned by real–world organizations, Rewarding Teams gives readers the guidance and tools they need to tackle the formidable task of building compensations programs that appropriately and effectively reward and recognize the work of teams.

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