US Photovoltaic Installer Monitor 2015/2016

The Energy & Natural Resources Market Reports has been published today. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of energy & natural resources industries.

The US represents an enormous Photovoltaic potential. As feed-in tariffs in all large European Photovoltaic markets are constantly under review – and have been largely reduced – the attractiveness of these markets will decline in the years to come.

Thus, Photovoltaic module and inverter manufacturers are looking at markets with a high potential. Many US states will be key markets for most companies, therefore market consolidation and intensity of competitive rivalry is expected to increase significantly.

Furthermore, as in Europe, energy storage solutions will be a vital new technology for the US Photovoltaic market. Therefore…

  • One must understand competition, the market and one’s position in this challenging environment. It is important to recognize one’s competitive position and competitive edge in order to develop and defend strategic competitive advantages.
  • It is absolutely necessary to gain detailed insight from an installer perspective in order to identify their attitudes, expectations and preferences. This will allow you to adjust your strategy accordingly. Installers are the most important market intermediary; they are the gatekeeper to the end customer.
  • Especially in times where the market environment poses a challenge, as it currently does, it is essential to have knowledge of procurement channels, as well as the various distributors of Photovoltaic products in different markets.
  • It is vital to understand which trends and developments US installers are currently following, and which technologies will make up a majority of their business in the years to come.