Analyzing the Global Market for Wind Turbine Gearboxes

The new manufacturing and construction report has been published today. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of manufacturing and construction industries.

The primary function of the gearbox in a wind turbine is to connect the blades to the turbine, which combined with a generator generates electricity from wind power. Gearboxes also allow the generator's internal shaft to rotate 50 to 250 times per rotation of the turbine blades. This provides an advantage of low noise levels combined with high efficiency.

As the global wind energy industry has been growing substantially in recent years, so has there been a rise in the gearbox market. Gearbox production has been increasing steadily over the years and it is expected that at the end of 2014 the annual production of gearboxes amounted to over 35 GW.

Gearboxes is one of the costliest part of the wind turbine and makes up for almost 15% of the overall wind turbine cost. However, the price of gearboxes is expected to decrease in the coming years.

Players that dominate the global wind turbine gearbox market include China High Speed Transmission, Bosch Rexroth, ZF Wind Power Antwerpen, Moventas and many others.

This research analyzes the global market for gearboxes used in wind turbines in this research report Analyzing the Global Market for Wind Turbine Gearboxes. The report is divided into 5 sections. Section 1 analyzes the global wind power industry through an analysis of the global wind energy industry by market profile, industry statistics, market analysis by regions, wind power in the European Union and an analysis of the global offshore wind market.

Section 1 also looks at wind power technology like types of turbines, wind power technology, power generation from wind, globalization impacting the wind turbine market, turbine cost and size, lifetime of a turbine and many other turbine related factors are analyzed.

Section 2 of the report analyzes the global wind turbine industry through components of wind turbines, global installations of wind turbines, market size, cost of turbines, average turbine size and a market share analysis.

Section 3 analyzes the global market for wind turbine gearboxes. The market is analyzed through an overview of gearboxes, what is the use of a gearbox in a wind turbine, reliability issues with gearboxes and the emergence of gearless or Direct Drive wind turbines.

The market for wind turbine gearboxes is also analyzed through an industry overview, industry size, production statistics of gearboxes, cost of wind turbines gearboxes and a market share analysis.

Industry trends and competition in the market are analyzed as well.

Section 4 of the report looks at the major manufacturers of gearboxes for wind turbines such as Enercon, Gamesa, Winergy, China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group and many others. In total, 21 major industry players are profiled in the report Analyzing the Global Market for Wind Turbine Gearboxes.