Dust Suppression Systems Market Analysis and Prediction by Leading Manufacturers, its Application and Types

Dust Suppression Systems market report delivers insight of Dust Suppression Systems industry over past 5 years and a forecast until 2021. Report analyses Dust Suppression Systems key performing regions and manufactures in global market, splits Dust Suppression Systems by type and by applications, to fully and deeply research and reveal the market situation and future forecast. Industry experts project Dust Suppression Systems market to grow at a CAGR of 4.08% during the period 2017-2021.

Dust suppression systems are equipment used to suppress or control the dust created during industrial activities and ensure that the air is clear. Dust suppression systems have a positive impact on safety, health, vegetation, aquatic resources, road maintenance costs, and aesthetics.

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Dust Suppression Systems Market Trend, Challenge and Driver: –

Dust Suppression Systems Market trend: – The most common types of dust suppression system used are wet and dry dust suppression systems. However, constant innovation in the methods of dust collection is a key demand. One such innovation is the cloud tech dust suppression system. Cloud tech dust suppression uses high-pressure water fogging to create ultra-fine fog, consisting of tiny water droplets as small as 10-microns. These water droplets absorb even the smallest dust particles and fall to the ground without wetness. This is best suited for dusty environments. As this method of dust suppression delivers 0.018 gallons of water per nozzle in a minute, water consumption averages at only 1.08 gallons of per hour per nozzle. Operating costs can also be as low as 20 cents per hour

Dust Suppression Systems Market Challenge: – in the US, the OSHA defines the standards for dust regulation in industrial settings. Dust can be harmful in any amount and can cause accidents. Explosions, respiratory problems, and vision impairment are some of the hazards associated with manufacturing plants with high dust concentrations. The concentration of dust necessary to create an explosion varies greatly depending on the industry. Mainly, three elements are necessary to create a dust explosion, namely, combustible dust (fuel), ignition source (heat), and oxygen in air (oxidizer). Additional elements that create explosions include the dispersion of dust particle (i.e., the quantity, concentration, and confinement of dust clouds).

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Dust Suppression Systems Market Driver: – The processing of minerals has increased globally due to the growth of industrial segments such as construction and manufacturing. Minerals in various forms are used for multiple purposes. These commodities are either used as a raw material or as an end-product in industrial activities. In the US, the third quarter of 2016 saw an increase of 6% in the production of construction materials such as cement, sand, gravel, crushed stone, and gypsum compared with quarter two in the same year. The production of precious metals such as gold and silver increased by 2% in Q3 2016. The exhibit given below portrays the percentage change in the production of select mineral commodities in the US for 2016.

Consumer Landscape: –

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Key vendors operating in Dust Suppression Systems market space are GRT, Quaker, Donaldson, Nederman, Beltran Technologies and many more.

Geographic Segmentation: – Americas, APAC, EMEA

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Some of the Objectives of Dust Suppression Systems Market Analysis & Forecast, from 2017 to 2021

  • To provide detailed analysis of the market structure along with forecast for the next 4 years of various segments and sub-segments of the Flooring market
  • To provide insights on factors affecting the market growth
  • To analyze the Dust Suppression Systems market based on various tools such as Value Chain Analysis, and Porter’s Five Force Analysis.