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United States – June 11, 2017 – NCWC Incorporated Dealer Services is making automobile extended service contracts an affordable option for the vast majority of Americans. They offer a range of contracts at different price points and coverage levels, ensuring that you can get the security you need.


For example, the company’s Engine Coverage saves customers money by protecting only your engine’s internal components (pistons, crank shafts, intake valve, etc.). These are among the more expensive parts to fix, so this contract delivers valuable security against costly breakdowns without any fluff that increases the price. This contract is perfect for older automobiles.


Drivers of newer vehicles with more advanced features may want to cover them too with a Select Coverage plan. This contract covers nearly everything you can think of: engine, water pump, Sport Utility, anti-lock brakes, and any electrical gadgetry in your vehicle. It is more expensive than Engine Coverage, but it covers a lot more potential issues.


If neither extreme works for you, NCWC Incorporated Dealer Services offers two middle of the road plans as well. Powertrain Coverage includes your vehicle’s entire powertrain: engine, transmission, and drive axles. It is an ideal replacement for the original manufacturer’s warranty when it expires.


Finally, Powertrain Enhanced Coverage includes everything Powertrain Coverage does, plus steering, air conditioning, brakes, and electrical. Each plan includes a number of optional, additional coverages, allowing you to customize a plan specifically to your needs.


Other companies might try to sell you a contract before you understand exactly what you are buying, but NCWC Incorporated Dealer Services lets you read sample contracts for all of their plans on This transparency makes it much easier to determine which plan, if any, is right for you.


NCWC Incorporated Dealer Services also makes the claims process easy. You are free to use any repair shop in the United States or Canada, and the shop will be paid directly. That means that you will not be required to lay out money and wait for reimbursement to arrive.


Better yet, there is no limit on the number of claims you can make over the life of your contract. You can use your coverage again and again without fearing any consequences!


All NCWC Incorporated Dealer Services contracts also include additional benefits beyond merely paying for repairs. For instance, roadside assistance can provide you with a tow, emergency fuel delivery, or even an engine jump start wherever you might need it. A professional locksmith is also covered if you lock yourself out of your car.


You get additional benefits when you are away from home. If your car breaks down more than 100 miles from your address, you will receive a daily allotment of money to cover meals and overnight stays while you wait for repairs. You can also rent a car while yours is in the shop for a covered repair to get back on the road.


There is no charge to finance your NCWC Incorporated Dealer Services contract, so you can pay in easy monthly installments. The coverage is also transferable, increasing your vehicle’s resale value if you end up selling it.


If your manufacturer’s warranty already offers you many of these services, what happens when it expires? The price you pay for an extended service contract is dependent on your vehicle’s condition, so it may make sense to invest in a contract now, before you really need it.


The manufacturer’s warranty is probably not as comprehensive as you think it is either. Many customers who purchase an extended service contract before their warranty expires end up using it before they thought they would.


NCWC Incorporated Dealer Services has been in the extended service contract industry for over 20 years. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and are backed by Palmer Administration, one of the most recognized names in the industry.



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