7 Key Benefits Of Panelized Manufactured Stone

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For more than 30 years, Canadian Stone Industries has been an industry leader, representing innovative masonry and building component products. They have become the premier source in Canada for manufactured stone veneer, brick veneer, stone siding, architectural profiles and other building components. With warehouses, located in British Columbia and Ontario, they service a network of over 400 dealers nationwide. They have been at the forefront of the home improvement trend towards affordable, easy-to-install, stone veneer panels as the new go to cladding solution.

Panelized stone veneer, often referred to as stone siding, is a cement-based, non-structural, manufactured stone product that provides all the beauty of natural stone, but with a much lower cost, and simple installation process. And that’s not all. Here are 7 great reasons to choose panelized manufactured stone for your project.

1) You can install it yourself: Panelized veneer panels were designed so do-it-yourself homeowners could install them. Most available products have comprehensive installation video tutorials available, and excellent documentation.

2) It costs less, even if you hire someone: If you have traditional stone installed, you’ll need a master stonemason, so the job not only looks great, but the finished product is structurally sound. To install stone veneer products, a siding applicator, general contractor or handyman can complete the work, saving you a lot in labor costs. The panels are pre-assembled, so stone placement has already been handled; it’s going to look fantastic.

3) Installation is quick: With traditional masonry, each stone is selected, trimmed and fastened individually. Stones are buttered with mortar and set with care, and later grout lines need to be hand tooled. In contrast, stone selection and placement have already been handled at the factory, when the pre-assembled panels were manufactured, and installation requires only a hammer, drill or screw gun.

4) No mortar, no mess: With mechanical fastening of the panels, there’s no need for mortar to hold them in place. The mess associated with traditional masonry has been eliminated.

) You can install panelized stone veneers year-round: Rain, freezing temperatures, snow and ice can interfere with outdoor installation of stone masonry. Even when masonry is installed indoors, the mixing of mortar is usually handled outdoors, due to the mess. Fasteners, on the other hand, can be used any time of the year, making manufactured stone panels a true 4-season cladding solution.

6) Stone veneer can be installed in places traditional stone can’t:  To install full-thickness stone masonry, you require a wall that can support the considerable weight of the stone and mortar, with a solid footing. Manufactured stone veneers are very lightweight, and there’s no mortar required. Almost any wood frame, steel stud, pre-existing masonry and pre-cast sectional wall will do nicely. Where existing brick walls are structurally sound, and designed as load bearing, stone panels can even be applied right over brick.

7) A smaller footprint on your job site: On a typical jobsite, where conventional stone is being installed, you can expect to see a large pile of stone, a mortar mixer, and another stack of mortar sacks. There will likely also be a table for the masonry saw, and a sizeable rubbish pile consisting of empty sacks, stone cuttings and rejected stones. The mason will require an area in which to spread stones out, so he can view his inventory, to aid him in creating pleasing arrangements on the wall. It’s also common to see a soft pond area around the mixer, produced from mixing mortar and tool cleanup.

Stone veneer panels are thin and lightweight. Installers will often keep most of the required inventory for the day right on the truck, taking it home with them at night. The arrangement of stones has already been taken care of at the factory. Cutting is minimized with a panel system, and the thin veneer offcuts produce far less waste. A circular saw or mitre/chop saw, fitted with a masonry blade, is all that’s required to trim the panels to the required lengths. The process is completely dry.

Since the siding installer can also complete the panelized stone installation, there’s one less contractor required on the construction site.

The Versetta® Stone Advantage: Made of lightweight aggregate materials, Boral’s Versetta® Stone is approximately one-fourth of the weight of full-thickness stone. Versetta® Stone brings authenticity to their stone panels, with colours, panels and shapes that replicate those found in natural stone.

Versetta® Stone has two primary components, and a selection of trim accessories. Flat Panels are the primary components. They have an embedded G-90 galvanized nail strip, so there’s no fiddling with loose mounting clips, as is the case with some panelized stone solutions. Each strip is pre-drilled with weep holes, to permit water to flow in the air space between the panels and the wall, and then drain out of the starter strips at the bottom. The Universal Corner component makes it easy to handle inside and outside corners, as well as transitions.

For more information on Versetta® Stone see www.canadianstone.ca/product-types/versetta-stone.

8th Day Performance Introduces The Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box

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The company wants to help gym owners and their athletes improve their performance and efficiency, reports https://8thdayperformance.com.

8th Day Performance announced the introduction of their Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box. With a focus on creating products designed and crafted by athletes and gym owners, the company wants to help those on the lookout for ways to increase their performance and efficiency get exactly what they need.

“Whether it’s an elite CrossFit athlete or someone looking to get back into shape, there’s no doubt that plyometrics is one of the most beneficial activities for developing overall fitness. Unfortunately, many athletes find that the plyometric boxes on the market today simply can’t stand up to their workouts. The good news is that our Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box is here to solve the problems that athletes and gym owners face using the typical equipment. Not only does the box perform well under high-intensity conditions, it’s also safe, durable, stackable and beautiful,” said Joe Cebulski, co-owner of 8th Day Performance.

8th Day Performance’s Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box features a pyramid design, rounded edges, and a textured landing surface that work together to reduce the likelihood of painful shin injuries. The box’s rubber feet and four points of contact provide a stable jumping platform in virtually any environment, from rubber to grass-covered fields to gravel parking lots. With the easy-to-use pull pin and highly-visible height indicators, athletes can quickly adjust the box to seven different heights as needed. When the workout is done, the boxes can be stacked in the corner and out of the way, saving space in the gym.

Cebulski went on to say, “As a gym owner, I know the importance of having reliable equipment that enhances the performance of my athletes. I select products that I know will help them do their best and am confident that our new adjustable box achieves that goal. We love what we do and are excited for the opportunity to help those who share our passion for fitness train harder and focus on their goals.”

Athletes and gym owners who would like to Purchase Adjustable Plyometric Box can do so at 8thdayperformance.com.

About 8th Day Performance:

With a focus on creating performance products designed and crafted by athletes and gym owners, 8th Day Performance provides innovative, long lasting equipment that gym owners and athletes demand. Their design process is one of constant trial and revision until perfection is met. Their team is always looking for ways to improve their equipment, and therefore the performance and efficiency of athletes and gym owners as well. They’ve learned the two go together, and that’s how they create the best possible equipment every day.

Contact Info:
Name: Joe Cebulski
Organization: 8th Day Performance – Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box
Phone: (616) 258-6226

Source URL: http://marketersmedia.com/8th-day-performance-introduces-the-elev8-adjustable-plyometric-box/165148

For more information, please visit https://8thdayperformance.com

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Training-Online.eu Launches Free E-learning Shop Feature

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The software platform is giving users a chance to increase brand awareness and grow their profits, reports www.training-online.eu.

Training-Online.eu, a progressive and fast-growing e-learning platform, recently announced the launch of their free e-learning shop marketplace feature. As of this month, those who use their web application will have the possibility of increasing their brand awareness and course visibility by offering free courses to unregistered users. It is their hope that everyone who uses the features will be able to capture the attention of new customers and take advantage of opportunities for additional income.

Jan Prochazka, a representative of Training-Online.eu, commented “As people are getting used to online shopping these days, the field of e-commerce is getting stronger. We fully recognize that this presents an opportunity for our users to gain visibility and make the most of their brand. For this reason, we’re offering them the chance to expose their courses to users who may not necessarily be registered to the platform so that they can increase their potential customer base and boost their bottom line.”

Starting an elearning eshop Training-Online.eu requires no additional effort on the part of course developers. All of the study materials they have prepared for their lessons and courses will be put on the digital shelf in their very own e-learning marketplace along with their learning management system. Course developers have full control over which courses to place into their free marketplace, can personalize their e-shops using their own logo and preferred colors, and can give students the option to take the courses in multiple languages.

Training-Online.eu users can integrate the e-shop with their learning platform with just one click by switching on the e-shop function on their “settings” page. Unregistered users will then be able to go through their shop, select the courses they want to take, pay the required fee, and gain access to the study materials.

Prochazka further commented, “Whether a company uses the LMS platform for its own education or has positioned themselves as an educational agency, our new e-shop feature gives them a way to make additional profits from something they already have. We are excited about rolling out this new feature to our users and providing them with the opportunity to take their business to the next level.”

About Training-Online.eu:

As an e-learning education web application, Training-Online.eu has been running since 2011. Creating an interesting alternative to other Learning Management Systems, Training-Online.eu’s LMS is easily configurable, accessible on any device, quickly set up, and available in 8 languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Polish and Czech. Furthermore, no initial investment is needed, as the registration to the LMS is completely free and there is also a possibility to use the platform for free. All of these attractive features have been designed to create a great user experience and to fit the purposes and needs of the clients.

Contact Info:
Name: Jan Prochazka
Organization: TRAINING ONLINE s.r.o.
Phone: 420732145886

Source URL: http://marketersmedia.com/training-online-eu-launches-free-e-learning-shop-feature/165150

For more information, please visit http://www.training-online.eu

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Porsche replaces fastening screws for fuel collection pipes

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Porsche replaces fastening screws for fuel collection pipes Voluntary safety recall for two-door sportscars – affected customers will be contacted directly

Stuttgart . Porsche is inspecting 16,429 vehicles around world in the 911 Carrera, 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman model lines, of which 2,576 are in Germany. On the affected vehicles, it is possible that the screw connection on the fuel collection pipes may come loose. In the workshop, the fastening screws will be replaced with newly designed screws. This is purely a precautionary measure.

The vehicle owners will be contacted directly by their responsible Porsche importer or distributor. The visit to authorized Porsche dealers will be arranged as soon as possible and will be handled free of charge.

Images in the Porsche Newsroom (http://newsroom.porsche.com) and in the Porsche press database (https://presse.porsche.de).



Further information and pictures for journalists and media representatives can be found on the Porsche press database at http://presse.porsche.de/.

Making Global Friends is Now Easy with Travel Networking App, InviteMe

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Malta – Traveling to a new country or region can be daunting, especially if you lack local contacts. InviteMe is a new app that promises to be a huge hit with globe trotters as well as local tourists who would like to make new friends, receive guidance and information, or even find a soul mate in a new country or culture.

Launched by Malta-based Fed Technology Trading, InviteMe offers cool and instantly available features to help travelers find and make local friends even before they make the trip. The free matchmaking app lets users build a profile and converse with people who intend to visit the user’s country, or create their own planned trip and let others discover them. Users can personally message each other, add photos, request for travel related information and exchange travel experiences. It goes without saying that the app also lets men and women discover their future life partner if they are lucky.

When visiting other countries for the first time, and especially when they are single, travelers often miss out on special places to visit, events they wish they had attended, or scramble around for local information. Knowing a native beforehand with the InviteMe app can ensure nothing is missed out. On the other hand, an InviteMe user can also find, meet and interact with foreigners visiting their country and expand their network.

InviteMe has a growing user base and is available on both iTunes and Google Play, where it has been downloaded by over 10,000 users. The app aims to make travel more exciting and different from what it has previously been. Apart from connecting people from all over the world, it is also a great way to meet new people and ignite cross-cultural relationships.

InviteMe is a great way to make travel experiences go beyond the ordinary. The community is growing each day and registering for the app is free.

For more Information, please visit: www.inviteme.net

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Company Name: Fed Technology Trading Ltd
Contact Person: Erman Demirbozan
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Country: Malta
Website: http://www.inviteme.net/

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NestEdge Offers Unmatchable Brokerage Rebate to Home Buyers in Westchester

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Chappaqua, NY – Home buyers and sellers in 2017 now have a good reason to celebrate. Westchester-based brokerage NestEdge is offering up to 2% as a broker commission rebate at closing. NestEdge is doing what others had only thought of, revolutionizing the way traditional brokers operate by offering unmatchable financial bargains to buyers looking for homes for sale in Westchester County.

Rebates by conventional brokers are unheard of, as they operate on bloated budgets that go into costly services and marketing. NestEdge, founded on the simple mission of making the home search in Westchester both easier and cheaper, has taken the first step towards giving buyers and sellers the right to bargain for lower commissions. As stated by New York’s Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, “broker commission rebates greatly reduce the cost of buying and selling property and give rise to new business opportunities.”

Serving all areas in and around Westchester, NestEdge offers brokerage rebates to both buyers and sellers based on the final closing price. First time buyers looking for a home for sale in Westchester are especially encouraged to approach NestEdge for assistance in making informed decisions and avoiding potential pitfalls. The rebates offered do not appear on the HUD form, and are non-taxable. If a buyer wishes to go without a broker, NestEdge is still available as a consultant. As a member of Hudson Gateway, NestEdge works with all traditional brokerage houses.

NestEdge offers all services rendered by traditional brokerage firms, and its website utilizes the latest technological tools to help buyers find their dream home in Westchester and neighboring regions. In addition to offer robust, real-time searches of all current listings in Westchester county, the site also offers a simple rebate calculator, home value estimates, relocation information and a VIP Home finder program.

Founded by Matthew Gluck, NestEdge utilizes a  modern and streamlined approach for closing residential real estate transactions. In the past, Matthew has consulted for major Wall Street investment banks with a passion for using technological acumen to grow profits. This passion now translates into real estate, where he is disrupting the traditional brokerage model through his love for feverish research, technology and the willingness to always make a deal.

“NestEdge is proud to offer a brokerage rebate of up to 2% to all of its clients. This is a path breaking attempt to change the way real estate transactions have traditionally been closed. If you are looking for a home in Westchester County look no further than NestEdge for the best financial deal available anywhere today,” said Matthew.

For more Information, please visit: www.nestedgerealty.com

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Company Name: NestEdge
Contact Person: Mathew Gluck
Email: Send Email
Phone: 914-939-8800
Country: United States
Website: http://www.nestedgerealty.com/

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Johnstown, PA, Flooring Store Makes Home Renovations More Affordable for Customers

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R.E.C. Flooring America is holding a Red Carpet Clearance Sale that gives customers up to 50% off of select products until February 26. The Johnstown, PA, flooring store is offering trusted brands like Hearth & Home at exceptionally low prices.

One of the quickest and most affordable ways to transform a home is with new floors. New flooring not only makes the home more appealing, but it also increases the value of the home. To do this affordably, Johnstown, PA, flooring shoppers can shop now at R.E.C. Flooring America’s Red Carpet Clearance Sale for 30% to 50% off selected stylish floors.

The items on sale include hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile, and luxury vinyl floors. This enables customers to choose from a large array of affordable options for the materials they want to use during their projects.

Select 3-Star, 4-Star, and 5-Star flooring products are discounted during this sale and many come from recognizable brands like Hearth & Home. The star ratings are in place to let customers know what the quality and resilience of the products are quickly. The Red Carpet Clearance Sale also has special financing offers of 12 or 18 months of deferred interest. This means customers don’t have to wait to start their renovations.

This flooring store offers several services to help customers throughout their renovation process. The sales staff is knowledgeable about the advantages of different brands and materials. The design team helps customers visualize what their completed space will look like based on the options they’re thinking about. They can help clients decide between different colors or patterns based on existing décor.

Finally, the installation team works to ensure the customers new floors look good and are built to last. They go to the client’s home and measure the space precisely so the customer doesn’t have to pay for more flooring than they need.

The flooring showroom also has a range of warranties and guarantees that help ensure high customer satisfaction. For instance, the Confidence Plus Guarantee gives customers 30 days to try out select floors. If the customer isn’t satisfied, they can get a replacement without paying for labor costs.

Visit www.recflooringamericajohnstown.com/ to browse through the selection of on-sale items or call (814) 619-3920 for more information.

R.E.C. Flooring America serves customers in Johnstown, Somerset, Latrobe, Derry, Greensburg, Seward, Ebensburg, Youngwood, Lawson Heights, Indiana, Westmont, Windber, Boswell, and Bedford, Pennsylvania.

Media Contact
Company Name: R.E.C. Flooring America
Contact Person: William Rudge
Email: Send Email
Phone: (814) 619-3920
Address:533 Tire Hill Road, Route 403
City: Johnstown
State: PA
Country: United States
Website: http://www.recflooringamericajohnstown.com/

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t-shirtprinting.ca Caters to Conferences

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Local t-shirt printer aims to woo the conference crowd with greater product diversity and easier service.

Vancouver, Canada, January 28, 2017 –(PR.com)– Conference t-shirts are a small but significant detail when planning an event. Branded gear is a great way to promote any company, and t-shirtprinting.ca is carefully positioning themselves to increase their appeal to this booming local market. For more, go to: http://t-shirtprinting.ca/blog.html

“Vancouver is an amazing place for conferences,” says Holly, t-shirt savant at t-shirtprinting.ca. “Every year, the city sees events like TED, SIGGRAPH, the Vancouver International Autoshow—and tons of business gatherings. It’s a modern city in a park-like setting that offers easy access to a range of first class hotels and venue options—and we’re here to make sure that your team looks spiffy with a range of gear that can be customized to reflect your brand.”

While conference t-shirts may be the industry standard, t-shirtprinting.ca has introduced more customizable options including polos, button-ups, sports apparel, sweats, totes, and caps, which can all be branded to help raise awareness and create a buzz.

“We understand not every organization wants their members in t-shirts, so we’ve introduced a range of high-quality brand name products that can be printed or embroidered,” explains Holly.

To help save time, t-shirtprinting.ca has also simplified the ordering process. All anyone has to do is:

Pick a t-shirt or product
Choose a colour
Pick quantities and sizes
Tell their team about your image

“Once we have all that, we’ll provide you with a quote, collect billing information, and provide digital art for approval prior to printing, so you can make sure everything looks just right,” says Holly. “Our print shop can accommodate all kinds of orders, from one-offs to several thousand printed garments. Even better, we can fulfill most of these within a week of payment, which is always something to consider when there’s a time crunch.”

t-shirtprinting.ca prints all their t-shirts at their Burnaby-based print facility, which means they offer a quality that’s hard to beat at competitive prices.

“We pride ourselves on helping our customers,” says Holly. “If you’re holding an event and need conference t-shirts, or another type of garment, we can have a shipment sent directly to your venue—or another convenient location. We’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible, because we understand that everyone is busy.”

If you want to learn more about ordering conference t-shirts for a big event, contact t-shirtprinting.ca at 604-739-0015 or startprinting@t-shirtprinting.ca.


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January 28, 2017 – New York, USA – Author/Relationship Expert, the founder of L.A.M.E 1, is currently offering a new book that reveal to lovers types of boards games that will keep their love relationship blooming. The book is called “L.A.M.E. 1 Adult Board Game Libido Zone” and it offers information on various types of board games that lovers can utilize to increase their love for each other. Lovers should know that games are something played for fun and having a love/relationship expert guide them is necessary.

Choosing the Right Game at the right time for couples/lovers is important. One of the positive side effects of playing board games is laughing. Laughing has been shown to increase endorphins; those are chemicals that bring up the feeling of happiness. Sharing laughter and fun can promote empathy, compassion and trust with others.

Playing games with your lover is a perfect way to spend time together and build learning skills at the same time. Playing a board game after a dinner is an excellent way for lovers to get closer to each other.

LIONNEL wrote this book to help lovers spend time together by playing different types of board games at the right time. Readers will understand in clear language (L.A.M.E. 1 Libido Zone talk) for the Amorous Amour Board Game Libido Zone, how to play them and how to determine the best type of board game to play at the right time. The readers will learn in this book all the games in the Board Game Libido Zone which include: L.A.M.E.1 BACKGAMMON, L.A.M.E.1 BATTLESHIP, L.A.M.E.1 CHECKERS, L.A.M.E.1 CHESS, L.A.M.E.1 CHUTES AND LADDERS, L.A.M.E.1 CHINESE CHECKERS, L.A.M.E.1 DOMINOES, L.A.M.E.1 GO, L.A.M.E.1 LIFE, L.A.M.E.1 MANCALA, L.A.M.E.1 MONOPOLY, L.A.M.E.1 OTHELLO, L.A.M.E.1 RISK, L.A.M.E.1 STRATEGO, L.A.M.E.1 UNO, and L.A.M.E.1 YAHTZEE. The readers will learn how to play all the above board games and the right time to play them.

Every lover needs to spend time together, and using (L.A.M.E. 1 Adult Board Game Libido Zone talk) is one of the best option(s) out there! This (self help) lovers/couple book teaches (through some of) the best board game(s).

Interested lovers can have access to the (L.A.M.E. 1 Libido Zone series) at: https://saintvalentinesstudy.com/index_LAME1-Adult-Board-Game-Libido-Zone.html

About L.A.M.E 1:

L.A.M.E 1 means Love and Making Expert, It is an organization that promote more than Love and relationship through Books, Journals, etc.

If you’re over 18 years old, you can have access to their platform at: https://saintvalentinesstudy.com/index_LAME1-Adult-Board-Game-Libido-Zone.html

Media Contact
Company Name: L.A.M.E 1
Contact Person: LIONELL
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1.855.526.3118
City: Long Island City
State: New York
Country: United States
Website: www.saintvalentinesstudy.com

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Personal Risk Management Solutions (PRMS), has Again Been Shortlisted for the 2017 Private Asset Management (PAM) in the “Best High Net Worth Broker” Category

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Personal Risk Management Solutions (PRMS), has again been shortlisted for the 2017 Private Asset Management (PAM) in the “Best High Net Worth Broker” category. This award recognizes and rewards those who proved themselves over the last twelve months in providing exceptional service to high net worth individuals. The judging process is done utilizing an independent panel of industry experts. Successful candidates must demonstrate Financial Progress, Growth, Client Satisfaction and Product Innovation. The entries in this category were narrowed down to five finalists and the winner will be announced at an awards ceremony on February 13th, 2017.

For additional information, go to http://www.pammagazine.com/pam-awards-2017/

“We are thrilled to be chosen for this highly coveted industry award,” says Celia Santana, CEO & President of PRMS. “We have a phenomenal team and their dedication and passion for this business is unparalled.”    

About PRMS
PRMS is a boutique personal insurance agency focused on high net worth individuals and their families. Based in NYC, the firm maintains licenses in 48 states and provides guidance and expertise across the country. PRMS insures over $9 billion in residential and valuables assets. Clients include Forbes listed individuals, top ranked collectors, celebrities, single and multi-family offices, entrepreneurs, business owners, and wealth advisors.

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